The Double Cousins and the Mystery of the Camp Prowler | The Double Cousins Mystery series, Book 6

by Miriam Jones Bradley

Genres: Children & Young Adult, Fiction, Middle Grade

ISBN: 9781620207567

148 pages

Price: $13.99


Better than birthdays. Better than Thanksgiving. Better even than Christmas! For the Double Cousins, the high point of the year is SUMMER CAMP!

Seeing camp friends.

Choosing one activity for the day’s free time, and there are too many to do them all in one week:
The climbing wall,
The hike,
The zip line,
And for a quieter break, crafts or fishing.

And then there’s WATER DAY! So many ways to get wet!

BUT-and it’s a big BUT-this year there’s even more excitement with unexplained happenings, disappearances, and strangers around. Who returned the wandering four-year-old? Who is pilfering food from the kitchen? Will Carly have to survive without daily chocolate? Will Max lose friends because of Jess, who seems to attract trouble? And how is it all related to the historic stagecoach robbery they are just hearing about now! Or is it?

In The Double Cousins and the Mystery of the Camp Prowler, the cousins cram sleuthing into a tight schedule and still manage to learn lessons about doing right despite what others think and the value of a lifetime of service to others.

With this Double Cousins adventure you can have summer camp anytime you want!



Miriam Jones Bradley has worked as a nurse for the past thirty-one years and has been heavily involved with Children's Ministries. She has taught and led numerous children's programs and enjoys speaking on the writing process to students of all ages. Miriam has a heart for children and desires to help them do new things, take initiative, and have adventures as they grow. Miriam is the author of The Double Cousins Mysteries as well as All I Have Needed: A Legacy for Life and You Ain't From Here, Are Ya-Reflections on Southern Culture from an Outsider.
Miriam loves to bake and read, especially mysteries. Through her writing, Miriam strives to provide exciting, captivating, but traditional stories for children that teach the importance of family connections while establishing good Biblical and character truths. She and her husband, Dr. Bruce Bradley, make their home in North Carolina. She is currently employed at Pardee Hospital in Hendersonville, NC.