Sierra Gold Fever by D. Michael O'Haver

Sierra Gold Fever

by D. Michael O'Haver

Genres: Fiction, History

ISBN: 9781649603494

208 pages

Price: $17.99

Jason Miller has left his fiancee behind and set off to the goldfields of California to make his fortune and establish a home for his bride-to-be. But when an explosion happens at one of the mines, Jason’s plans for the future take a dramatic turn.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Dedmore is tired of waiting back in Iowa. Taking matters into her own hands, Elizabeth decides to join a wagon train, along with her brother, Bill, and set off in search of her fiancé. But the traveling may be a bit rougher and dangerous than she first imagined.

As the two lost lovers strive to reunite, they will both have to learn some things about themselves and about the God Who created them for each other.


Daniel Michael O'Haver was born in Atascadero, California, the third child of five. He firmly believed in higher education and worked to put himself through college. But Uncle Sam had other plans for him and sent him to Vietnam for eighteen months instead. Determined to finish college, O'Haver returned home and earned a degree in city and regional planning and embarked on almost forty years in that profession. When he retired in 2012, he used the skills he had honed in the technical writing portion of his job to pursue a career in creative writing. He started by writing and illustrating children's books, then moved on to self-help, poetry, memoirs, and finally historical fiction. He is currently writing a science fiction series. He likes to think of himself as a master of all genres and is challenged by his fellow Gold Country Writer colleagues to master new and exciting subjects and writing techniques.