The Crown Effect: Abundant Life in a Chaotic World

by Kathy Vintson

Genres: Christian Living, Women's Interest

ISBN: 9781649604309

136 pages

Price: $15.99

When Kathy Vintson finds herself upside down with her underwear on full display to many members at her church one Sunday, she suddenly realizes just how chaotic the world can be. But as Kathy tries to figure out how to regain her dignity (and pull her dress down), she is reminded of the Crown Effect—that she is a daughter of the King, Whose unmerited favor is to love her, even when her granny panties are on full display. Using humor and humility as her guide, Kathy takes a deeper look into what it means to be truly loved by the King of kings and how to bask in His love and peace, even when the world feels like it is closing in.


The Crown Effect makes you feel like a treasured friend is telling you a story that imparts her wisdom rather than an impersonal Bible lesson. No matter what season you are in, you will relate to this heartfelt and humorous book.”
Amy Bowdoin
Honeysuckle Drive

The Crown Effect: Abundant Life in a Chaotic World by Kathy Vintson is a must read for anyone who has ever found themselves turned upside down by the chaos of life or believing the lies of unworthiness that we are fed by this world. Once we accept Christ, we become sons and daughters of the King, yet we so often settle for less than the peace, joy, grace-filled, life of abundance He offers His children. Kathy’s words are balm for hurting souls as we reorient ourselves to Who Christ is and who we are to Him. What beautiful truth this book gives every reader who is blessed to read these words!”
Jen Thompson


Kathy Vintson was born and raised in inner-city Birmingham, Alabama. Raised by her grandparents, Kathy learned at a very young age the importance of trusting and believing in God for, well, everything. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Education and a Master’s in Educational Leadership and spent thirty-two years in the field of education as a high school teacher and principal. Recently retired, she writes from a small corner desk overlooking the lake where she lives with her husband of thirty-four years.

Kathy is a women’s motivational speaker and maintains a blog where she seeks to inspire and motivate women. Her passion is encouraging women to claim all God has for them to live a joyful, successful, abundant life and face each season in anticipation of God’s plan for their lives.

When she is not writing, Kathy is spending time on the lake with her adult children and grandchildren. God has richly blessed her with the family she longed for growing up and she is a living testimony of how the grace of God provides all we need to overcome chaos and live an abundant life.