The Double Cousins and the Mystery of the Sod Schoolhouse | The Double Cousins Mystery series, Book 7

by Miriam Jones Bradley

Genres: Children & Young Adult

ISBN: 9781649600059

146 pages

Price: $13.99


Had it really been only a year since the Double Cousins solved their first mystery?

But now back at Grandpa’s ranch for their summer visit, it seemed something was missing-one of those exciting mysteries. For the first time in a year, they were all together again, and the time was slipping by with no mystery. If this was the new normal, they didn’t like it very much.

Then out of the blue, strangers arrive at the ranch and drop a mystery right into their laps, shocking even Grandpa with ranch history he had never heard.

The Happy Hollow school property was originally part of Grandpa’s land. Had the first one been a sod building? Can they fulfill the dream of a centenarian by recovering its history and, against all odds, find the tiny time capsule hidden by two young boys over 120 years ago? And can they put up with an annoying visitor who doesn’t like the ranch or anything on it?

In the seventh Double Cousins Mystery, the cousins, including Brandon, use all their sleuthing skills-along with some new ones-to help that family of strangers find the answer to their mystery; and in the process, they learn that mysteries truly are a part of history.



Miriam Jones Bradley has lived “from sea to shining sea,” but spent most of her life in the Great Plains before moving to the South, which required some–several–okay, a lot of cultural adjustments. She lives in North Carolina and works as a nurse when she’s not writing books that inspire children of all ages to explore their own history. In addition to the Double Cousins Mystery Series and the Nearly Twins Mysteries, she writes nonfiction for adults.