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New Children’s Book Champions Creativity and Imagination

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Author edifies childhood creativity to educate and delight readers

For immediate release: Children are some of the most imaginative and creative individuals; their imaginations seem to be limitless. Creative Christopher (Ambassador International; July 2015; $14.99, hardcover) is the story of one boy who exercises his creative muscles when he gets snowbound at his grandparents’ house. In her latest book, author Kate Hanscom emboldens children to tap into their creative potentials while educating them on some of the more creative features of language.

Creative ChristopherCreative Christopher takes readers through Christopher’s day when he is trapped inside without many of his toys. Christopher, along with his Papa and Nana, spend the day imagining themselves in different scenarios by using everyday objects around the house. The trio enjoys exploring and playing in all different parts of the world without ever leaving the warmth and safety of Nana and Papa’s house thanks to Christopher’s imagination.

The book also includes a resource page to help teach children about synonyms, referencing sentences that appear in the story. In addition, Hanscom includes pages to inspire the creative minds of her readers, challenging them to get creative with just a limited supply of everyday materials.

Hanscom is also the author of Literal Lily and Fickle Fiona, two stories that educate young readers on language and decision making, respectively. In her third book, Hanscom draws from her own family and experiences to help foster a creative spirit in children while entertaining them with Christopher’s fun adventures.

About the Author: Kate Hanscom grew up in Utica, New York. A graduate of Stonehill College, she currently lives in Auburn, Massachusetts, with her husband Chris and family.

Since the publication of her first book, Literal Lily, Kate has found such joy and fulfillment in sharing her stories with those who will learn from and be delighted by them most: children! In her third book, Creative Christopher, she hopes to share not only her love of words but also the fun of imagination! She hopes that when readers meet Christopher, they are encouraged to dream, explore, and have a ball with the ideas that pop into their heads!

About the Illustrator: Lynda Hanscom is originally from Long Island, New York. She holds a BFA from St. John’s University and an MAT from the Rhode Island School of Design. As an art teacher, she guided hundreds of budding student artists from kindergarten through high school to be creative through drawing, painting, and sculpting.

In this, her fourth book, Lynda is happy to lend her own son’s face and name to Creative Christopher! Also the illustrator for Tough Tommy (a children’s bereavement book), Literal Lily, and Fickle Fiona, Lynda lives in Northern Connecticut with her loving and supportive husband, Doug.

To connect with the author or request a review copy of Creative Christopher please contact publicist Alison Storm at


Grace in the Middle Graphics

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Members of our Grace in the Middle Blog Tour: Want a little something extra to help this special post “pop” on your page the week of August 23-August 29? We’ve put together some graphics for your use! Feel free to pull from any of the following to enhance your writing and help promote Wendy Duke’s incredible story. Don’t forget to link back to Ambassador International, as well! Once your post is live fill out this short form and we’ll help promote: We’re eagerly anticipating all of your wonderful posts!


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Book Tells Story of Jesus Through New Perspective

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The Story is Told Through the Eyes of Children

For immediate release: Taking readers back to the ancient city of Galilee Jesus and the Children of Galilee (Ambassador International; May 2015; $9.99, paperback) offers the story of Jesus’ journey through a new perspective. Through the innocent eyes of children, we see Jesus’ works of miracles, but we also see his trials and hardships.

9781620205280As the stranger spreads His wisdom in the town of Galilee, His growing followers soon included Benjamin and Joel, two young boys he meets on the shores of Galilee. They witness the miraculous events that He performs. The man is a healer, and claims to be the Son of God. Benjamin believes this kind rabbi is the city’s new hero, the one they’ve been waiting for, but Joel isn’t so sure. When tragedy strikes, Joel soon learns a valuable lesson that will change his life – and the course of history.

Author Belinda Kramer says it was her own family that inspired this book. “Two years ago while celebrating Easter I watched as my young nephews Wesley and Alexander threw a fishing net off a dock,” recalls Kramer. “Thinking about Jesus’ ministry in Galilee I began to think about the children who must have followed him. We know they did because scripture makes reference to the disciples trying to shoo them away. As we all know Jesus said, “Let them come unto me. Of such is the kingdom of heaven.”

In Jesus and the Children of Galilee readers will gain a new perspective of Jesus through the eyes of children. “Were children important to Jesus? Absolutely. Here was a group that adored him, did not condemn him and would ultimately grow up to lead and tell the story of Jesus from their own personal encounters with Him,” explains Belinda. “Although the characters are fictional the events woven throughout the story are true. This book educates readers about Jesus on a personal but historically accurate level.”


About the Author: Belinda Kramer is a graduate of the University of Florida. She is an educator, journalist, author, and speaker. She is also the mother of a daughter, Lauren, and son, Nathan. She resides in Brandon, Florida with her husband Jack.

To connect with the author or request a review copy of Jesus and the Children of Galilee please contact publicist Alison Storm at


Book Chronicles Life and Impact of Prominent Ex-Gay Christian

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Hope Offered for Those Struggling with Same-Sex Attractions

For immediate release: Alan Medinger’s life was a wreck: his marriage and career were crumbling. He could no longer control his homosexual thoughts and tendencies. But in the middle of a church service on a November evening he surrendered his homosexuality to Jesus Christ and was miraculously healed of the sexual pull towards men he’d struggled with for 25 years. Medinger went on to become the founder and Director of Exodus North America under Exodus International, an organization for ex-gay Christians. In By God’s Design: Overcoming Same Sex Attractions: A True Story (Ambassador International; April 2015; $15.99, paperback) Judith Hartzell recounts the striking journey of Alan and Willa Medinger to give hope to those struggling with same sex attraction and shed light on how the church can help with healing.

By God's DesignBy God’s Design strives to clarify some of the confusion that surfaces when we are at odds with this issue through the exceptional experiences of Alan Medigner. Hartzell describes how Alan’s history with SSA impacted his and Willa’s ability to raise a family, exacerbated their own insecurities in themselves, and even led to financial struggles after losing a well-paying and respectful job. Through the Medingers’ story we can find the strength to address our own fears and uncertainties about SSA.

Hartzell depicts the Medingers’ story as one of redemption and restoration which ultimately allows hope to flourish. Alan Medinger says, “We had the most hopeless marriage, and God has redeemed it. He has given us deeper love.” The Medingers’ relationship sets an example of how the church can respond healthily and helpfully to those struggling to overcome SSA.

By God’s Design includes numerous accounts of the trials, victories, and changes made in the lives of practicing homosexuals and those who struggled with same sex attraction that the Medingers met through their ministries with Regeneration and Exodus International. One story includes Gene Chase, a former professor at Messiah University, who went on to found his own organization to help other men and women who struggle with SSA in Pennsylvania. Hartzell’s book offers insight into how to approach this topic with respect.

About the Author: For twenty years Judith Hartzell studied Christians’ experiences overcoming same-sex attractions, and for a decade she served on an ex-gay ministry board of directors, all of which resulted in this book, the life-story of Alan Medinger and his wife, Willa. Judith earned a B.A. from Cornell University and an M.A. from the University of Michigan and published two biographies of Mayo Clinic’s founding family. The mother of three grown children, she lives in South Carolina with her husband, Tom, and their dog, Fergus.

1,000 Licks for 1,000 Likes!

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Good Samaritan Shot By Mugger Experiences Miraculous Healing

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Near Death Experience Reignites Author’s Faith

For immediate release: Brett Parks heard the cries for help and he responded. But as blood poured out of his abdomen and trickled out of the corners of his mouth, he wondered, was it worth it? In Miracle Man: A Bullet That Ignited a Purpose-Filled Life (Ambassador International; May 2015; $13.99, paperback) Parks inspires and encourages readers through the incredible story of his near death experience.

Miracle Man Before his brush with death, Brett was in the best physical shape of his life, but his spiritual life was weak. Brett admits that he did not always respond to God’s calls for obedience. “I heard him calling to me, but I had something else going on. My Christian life was good, but it could have been better,” writes Brett. “Then, October 17 happened.”

On October 17, 2012, without hesitation, Navy airman and fitness trainer Brett Parks responded to screams for help, chasing down a mugger. The attacker fired a gun from inside his sweatshirt pocket, sending a devastating shot into Brett’s body. The bullet shredded Brett’s kidney, destroyed several inches of his intestines, and pierced the largest vein in his body.

As the medical team worked fervently to save Brett’s life, his wife received the bleak news. Their unborn daughter and young son may not grow up with a father. The medical battle included 14 surgeries in 20 days, an unexpected amputation, and a coma that lasted nearly three weeks. Brett says he also experienced spiritual warfare. Still haunted by the horrible visions of what he describes as a battle between the devil and God for Brett’s soul, he emerged from his coma to begin a long and challenging recovery.

While Brett lost his leg during the experience, he gained a second shot at life. “Through tears of thankfulness, I told the Lord I would go wherever He led me,” remembers Brett. Brett received the governor’s Medal of Merit. He’s won several medals in the Warrior Games and is now preparing to qualify for the 2016 Paralympics Games in Rio, Brazil.

About the Author: Brett Parks is the founder and president of Second Shot Ministry and travels around the nation speaking to schools, businesses, and churches about hope, faith, and how he overcame a 99.999% mortality rate. Because of his heroic actions, Brett was rewarded with the governor’s Medal of Merit, which was presented by Governor Rick Scott. When Brett is not traveling, he loves spending time with beautiful wife Susan and playing with his son Jason and daughter Stella.

To connect with the author or request a review copy of Miracle Man please contact publicist Alison Storm at


Celebrating Military Spouse Appreciation Day

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Today we honor those who have served our country by serving their families. We’re lowering the price of the powerful book The Warrior’s Bride: Biblical Strategies to Help the Military Spouse Thrive. From now through Monday the ebook is just $1.99 on Amazon. Join us in marking Military Spouse Appreciation Day by sharing this graphic on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account!



Authors Carrie Daws and Kathy Barnett have gone weeks without talking to their husbands, spent sleepless nights worrying about infidelity and agonized over whether they will see each other again. Marrying someone in the military means you not only marry them; you marry their profession, too. And as Kathy Barnett and Carrie learned years after saying “I do,” they must not only love their men, but they must love the calling of those men as well. They’re passionate about helping other military spouses which you will quickly discover when you read The Warrior’s Bride: Biblical Strategies to Help the Military Spouse Thrive. BUY NOW

99¢ SALE: Mother’s Day Bundle

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In honor of mom we’re offering a selection of powerful non-fiction titles for just 99¢! Mother’s Day is Sunday, but these mom-approved deals start now and run until Monday, May 11. Check out these four titles that moms of all ages are sure to love:



WomenOfTheSecretPlaceWomen of the Secret Place

Synopsis: Faith. Hope. Humor. Who wants to face the challenges of life without them? Not the Women of the Secret Place! Explore this collection of real-life experiences and glimpses into a woman’s personal relationship with God. BUY NOW




ForSanity'sSakeFor Sanity Sake

Synopsis: For Sanity’s Sake is a 365-day survival guide for women experiencing moderate to severe symptoms of perimenopause. Anxiety, fuzzy-brain, fatigue, and headaches are only some of the symptoms plaguing menopausal women. With such menacing symptoms, concentration on long, drawn out Bible Studies is often impossible. Many women feel guilty and often force themselves to muddle through, gaining nothing but frustration from the experience. BUY NOW

TimeOutforTiredMomsTime-out For Tired Moms

Synopsis: Mom, Are You Tired?   Tired of Laundry!   Tired of Multi-tasking!     Tired of Boys Belching in the Backseat of Your Mini-Van!

Have you ever sent your kids to their rooms for a Time-Out and wondered…When is it MY TURN?! Well, Today it is finally Your Turn to GO TO YOUR ROOM! Time-Out for Tired Moms is a devotional that gives you the break from the chaos of kids that you rightfully deserve. Eight distinctive Time-Out categories highlight creative ways you can incorporate time-out into the everydayness of Mothering. Daily Devotionals lighten your load while drawing you closer to God, the true refresher of a Mother’s soul! BUY NOW

ChoosingHimChoosing Him All Over Again  

Synopsis: She has everything that is supposed to make a young woman happy: handsome husband, dream job, new home, great vacations, fun friends, and plenty of money.

But she isn’t happy.

Leaving husband, house, and friends behind, Juana begins her search for peace and happiness in earnest. Mistakenly, she thinks all she needs is “Mr. Right,” but instead, Juana finds Jesus—and the peace she has always longed for. BUY NOW