Beside Still Waters

…Norwegian immigrant family who must battle the beautiful but often dangerous waters of early twentieth century Southeast Alaska? Beside Still Waters is the third novel in the Alaskan Waters Series….

Breathing on Her Own

…like Anne Tyler. We know the people in this story. They are friends, neighbors, family, even ourselves. I expect that when readers finish this book, they will ask Dr. Waters

99¢ Fiction Sale: One Day Only!

…felt everywhere. Despite the fears and dangers, hope arrives at the island in the form of Azure’s brothers, Yo’ash and Brun. Together, the youngest three members of the Deep Waters’…

New This Month From Ambassador International

…make a difference. Readers of all ages will pull for this abandoned hound dog to feel loved. Learn more HERE.   Breathing on Her Own by Rebecca Waters Available November…

A Star To Steer By

…“star to steer by” in this exciting sequel to Till the Storm Passes By? A Star to Steer By by AnnaLee Conti is book 2 in the Alaskan Waters series….