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Invite an Author to Your Book Club

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BookClub_LogoFree Service Encourages Reading Through Rare Access to Authors

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Greenville-based publisher Ambassador International is launching a unique book club that offers readers personal access to some of their favorite authors. Select Ambassador authors are available to attend book club meetings across the country via phone or Skype through the launch of this exciting new program.

To take part, book club leaders must feature one of the Ambassador titles from the evolving list found at  Book clubs can then invite the author to be a part of an upcoming meeting by filling out a short online request form.

The author will join discussions via phone or Skype. “In addition to inviting your neighbor or your cousin to your book club you can invite the author as well,” explains Ambassador International COO Tim Lowry. “Our authors are really excited about the chance to engage on such a personal level with their readers and we think book clubs across the country will be thrilled for this unique and free opportunity.”

Both fiction and non-fiction authors are featured in the program including:

    • Anna McCarthy, Forgiveness is Not an Option
    • Stephen Goode, Marriage Triage
    • Renee Metzler, Total Home Makeover
    • Lindon and Sherry Gareis, Declutter Now
    • Carrie Daws, Romancing Melody
    • Will Montgomery, Lukewarm

About Ambassador International: Ambassador International was founded in 1980 in Belfast, Northern Ireland and expanded into Greenville, South Carolina in 1995.  Ambassador International’s books and materials have been distributed in dozens of countries and are sold worldwide.

For more information about the Ambassador Book Club visit  To request an interview or more information please contact publicist Alison Storm at


Novel Addresses Hardships Facing Military Families

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Romancing MelodyRomancing Melody is the Third Installment in Popular Crossing Series

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  More than half of 3.6 million Active Duty military personnel in the US are married, 85% are under the age of 35 and slightly less than half have children.  The life of a military wife and mother is one author Carrie Daws knows personally and one she writes about in her latest book, Romancing Melody (Ambassador International; Feb. 2013; $11.99, paperback) in which she tells the story of a young newlywed and mother who must learn to trust that God has a plan for each of us.

Melody Podell is a new wife and mother when her husband is deployed to a dangerous region of the world. Feeling alone, she is unprepared to handle the tragedy that strikes and soon pushes away family and friends as they try to help her find solace in God. “The first problem is that Army life is not what she expected and she struggles to adapt. Shortly before her husband is deployed, Melody gives birth to their first child, and just as she is settling in, tragedy strikes,” explains Daws. Romancing Melody follows a relatable character as she faces tragedy and loss while focusing on the power of love and how God romances each and every one of us.

Romancing Melody is the third installment in what Daws says will be a four-part series. Crossing Values was released in early 2012, followed by Ryan’s Crossing in August. Just as with Daws’ other books, readers will find a free book club discussion guide as well as a character list available at These tools will help book clubs, small groups and individual readers delve further in to the themes and characters of Romancing Melody.

About the Author: Carrie Daws currently lives in North Carolina with her three children and her military retired husband.  She finds time to write when she’s not homeschooling her children, working at the church office, or volunteering with military ministries that are close to her heart.

To learn more about the author and her book Romancing Melody, visit or  For Interview requests please contact publicist Alison Storm at


Romance and Suspense Collide in New Christian Thriller

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Alana Candler, Marked for MurderNovel Reminds Readers How Living a Christian Life Can Be a Powerful Example of Faith to Others

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  What would you do if someone was trying to kill you?  How do you love someone who doesn’t share your belief in God? Who do you trust? These are questions that Alana Candler faces in Joanie Bruce’s new thriller Alana Candler: Marked for Murder (Ambassador International; February, 2013; $14.99, paperback).  This suspense-filled novel follows Alana, a freelance photographer, as she flees from an unknown killer who wants her dead.

Soon after photographing a crime scene for her Police Chief brother Brad, Alana has the strange feeling that she is being followed.  Her fears come to fruition when she is kidnapped and left for dead.  After a handsome stranger, Jadyn Holbrook, saves her life and promises to protect her the two must race against time as the attacker chases her tirelessly.  As they spend more and more time together, Alana’s example of faith in God challenges and inspires a skeptical Jadyn who must come to terms with his own demons and reservations about God.

In a combination of nail-biting suspense and romance, Alana Candler: Marked for Murder centers around the importance of living your Christian faith, not simply declaring it.  “I hope with all my heart that my book will be a blessing and encouragement to someone,” says Bruce, “I pray that each of my readers will be encouraged, inspired, and that it will bring you a closer relationship to God”.

About the Author:  Joanie Bruce and her husband, Ben, live in a country home near Madison, Georgia where they raised and homeschooled their three children who are now grown.  She enjoys writing, cooking, taking long walks, and painting oil portraits.  Alana Candler: Marked for Murder is her first published book.

For more information about the author Joanie Bruce please visit or  For interview requests please contact publicist Alison Storm at


CLOSED: Valentine’s Day Giveaway: Win Flowers and Fresh Fiction

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Ambassador International wants to put a little romance in your Valentine’s Day! To celebrate the release of Carrie Daws’ latest novel  Romancing Melody, available in eBook February 14 and print March 7, Ambassador is giving you a chance to win a flower bouquet and a copy of the book!  Carrie Daws’ third book in the Crossing series, Romancing Melody, tells the story of a young military wife and mother who faces a terrible tragedy.  The book reminds readers that God romances each of us daily because “romance is more than fancy dinners and roses.  Romance is all about one person lavishing love on another, drawing them into a closer relationship.”

Celebrate the HolidayRomancing Melody of Love this year by allowing God to romance you!  To enter to win simply “like” Ambassador’s Facebook page AND complete at least one of the following:

  • Leave a comment on this blog post
  • Pin the book cover image on Pinterest and use the hashtag #RomancingMelody
  • Tweet using the hashtag #RomancingMelody (ie. I can’t wait to read #RomacingMelody, the newest book from@AmbassadorIntl)
  • Register to receive Ambassador International emails

You’ll receive additional entries for every step you complete. Win your copy of Romancing Melody and bouquet today and take time this Valentine’s Day to focus on the greatest love of all – God’s.

** Winner must be in the 48 contiguous states and provide a valid address accepted by to receive your flower bouquet. Winner will be chosen at random on February 15.



Use Declutter Now for Church Book Studies

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Today’s guest post comes from Lindon & Sherry Gareis, authors of Declutter Now! Uncovering the Hidden Joy and Freedom in Your Life. They are Christian Life Coaches and small group leaders from Glendale, AZ. They’re announcing a new initiative to take Declutter Now! into churches.

Declutter Now group studyDeclutter Now! tackles the clutter taking up space in many areas of life. Decluttering your heart, mind, body and soul will leave you with the time, money, energy, freedom and joy that God desires for you. Less is truly more.

Declutter Now! has ‘Gone Group’! We’re delighted to have Northern Hills Community Church in Phoenix, AZ launch an eight week book study class. Each week, a new chapter is presented and discussed. Ideas are shared, truths are revealed and hearts are inspired.

Each chapter of Declutter Now! deals with a different area of life, so we cover a considerable amount of ground. The comprehensive nature of the material is ideal for group study since there’s ‘something for everyone’. Whether you need to declutter cram-packed physical spaces, harmful relationships, unhealthy eating habits, stinkin’ thinkin’, overwhelmed kids’ schedules or an unbalanced budget, most people can relate on some level, if not many. This sets the stage for insightful and provocative conversations.

We’ve found in group environments, the nature of the dialogue not only encourages personal growth, but meaningful relationship building as Declutter Nowwell. There’s a special bonding which occurs when people speak openly about their challenges and allow their weaknesses to break through. Just this past week during the current NHCC bible study, a class member shared her embarrassment over the clutter she’s living with. Her fellow class mates offered unconditional love, support and ideas void of any judgment. The acceptance and encouragement she received gave her strength to commit to the next step of her decluttering journey. Oh how we long to see her free from the bondage she’ suffering.

Declutter Now! is more than just a book. It’s a paradigm shift; a lifestyle change. A study through Declutter Now! offers inspiration to help get you from where you are to where you want to be. Group discussion takes our ideas, practical tips and life applications to an entirely new level. Unique situations can be personally addressed, support can be extended first hand and emotional connections can take root.

We encourage you to consider Declutter Now! for both individual and group study. We’d be delighted to help you construct a plan specific to your group or organization. Please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you!



Buy a Book, Give a Child Shoes

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soles 4 souls logo newFor the month of February, Ambassador International is teaming up with Soles4Souls, a Nashville-based charity that collects shoes from the warehouses of footwear companies and the closets of people like you. Every time you buy a signed copy of Jazzy and the Dog Walk you’ll also be putting a pair of shoes on a child in need. The charity distributes these shoes to people in need, regardless of race, religion, class, or any other criteria. Since 2005, Soles4Souls has delivered over 19 million pairs of new and gently worn shoes. The shoes have been distributed to people in over 125 countries, including Kenya, Thailand, Nepal and the United States.

There are over 300 million children who do not have adequate footwear, so Soles4Souls is trying to change this statistic, one pair at a time, and just $1 can help. For every $1 donated to Soles4Souls, we are able to distribute one pair of shoes. So, $1 = 1 PAIR = 1 LIFE, and with this generous campaign led by the author, Tica Tallent, Soles4Souls will be able to forever change the lives of hundreds of people with the gift of shoes. BUY NOW!

Happy Birthday George Beverly Shea!

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George Beverly SheaGeorge Beverly Shea turns 104 years old on February 1, 2013! Celebrate the life of this incredible man and musician by reading his most recent authorized biography: George Beverly Shea: Tell Me the Story, now available for the Kindle. With foreword by Franklin Graham, this book chronicles the amazing life of the man who has sung God’s word in front of more people than anyone in history.

Follow him onto crusade stages in all corners of the world including New York, London and Australia. Find out what happened when he forgot lyrics in front of a packed stadium in California. Discover personal stories about his friendship with celebrities like Johnny Cash, the Gaithers and Pat Boone.
This is the amazing account of how God used an insurance worker to spread the Gospel to every continent of the world.

In honor of his 104th birthday, the Billy Graham Library will be hosting a special tribute to Bev Shea for the next two months. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Shea for his decades of service and wish him a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

“Of all the gospel singers in the world today, the one that I would rather hear than any other would be George Beverly Shea.”
-Billy Graham (Evangelist) Montreat, North Carolina


Prayers for Izzy

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We invite you to pray with us for Landon and Allyson Powell, whose five month old daughter Izzy went to be with her Creator this weekend. The family has organized a memorial service for Wednesday, January 30 at Grace Church, 101 W. McBee Avenue in downtown Greenville, South Carolina. The family will be receiving friends and family at 5pm, and the ceremony will start at 6pm.

Izzy struggled with several serious health issues from birth. Her parents nicknamed her their “warrior princess” because of the fight that she put up. The Powell’s have shown tremendous faith through this experience. On the Prayers for Izzy Facebook page Landon writes, “My prayer tonight is, that it doesn’t always take a story like Izzy’s to remind us how important our Faith is. That we can all live our lives daily, according to God’s will. That we can turn our hearts over to Christ, and let him use us in a way that will glorify Him! Just like he did with Izzy. He took her broken body, and used it to Glorify Him in a way none could have expected. And as hard as it is for a dad to say, ‘God, I am thankful!'”

In lieu of flowers, the family requests that any gifts made in Izzy’s honor be made in the form of a donation to Donate Life South Carolina. It’s a charity the family has worked closely with and even little Izzy herself was an organ donor, giving a heart valve and cartilage. Donations can be sent to P.O. Box 27263, Greenville, SC 29616. If you’d like to learn more about Landon Powell’s testimony you can read about it in God’s Lineup: Testimonies of Major League Baseball Players by Liz and Kevin Morrisey.