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A Sweet Deal for National Chocolate Day!

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Chocolate Socks Cover It’s National Chocolate Day! And what better way to celebrate than with a super sweet treat courtesy of Ambassador International? We’ve slashed the Kindle price on Chocolate Socks, the adorable children’s book by Holly Durst. It’s now just $4.99, a 50% discount! It’s a calorie-free chocolate treat you don’t have to feel guilty about! BUY NOW!

About Chocolate Socks and Author Holly Durst: 

Reality star Holly Durst took her love for two things and turned them in to an adorable children’s book. Chocolate Socks inspires young readers to dream big—something Durst is very good at! Durst appeared on ABC’s “The Bachelor” season 12 and in 2011 took home a $125,000 prize for winning the second season of “Bachelor Pad.” The prize money meant little compared to what else she walked away with: LOVE! She met her husband Blake Julian on the show. Blake ended up popping the question in front of cameras and their engagement aired during the show’s finale. The newlyweds are now living happily in South Carolina!

Life in the Special Needs World the Central Focus of New Novel

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dancing from the shadowsAuthor Draws From Personal Experience with Autistic Son

For immediate release: Autism is the fastest-growing serious developmental disability in the world, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, impacting 1 in 88 children. Author D’Ann Renner intimately knows the struggles associated with this disorder. Renner pulls from her own personal experiences as well as those of others to write about the love, fear, stress and joy that accompanies life with a special needs child in her new novel Dancing From the Shadows (Ambassador International; October 2012; $14.99, paperback). Early reviews from professionals and parents praise the book as accurate, painful, funny and encouraging.

Renner left a successful career in marketing to follow God’s call to adopt a sibling pair of third-world orphans. A year later her son Luke was diagnosed with autism.  “For a long time I was angry at God for putting this burden on me and my family,” explains Renner. “But eventually I discovered that from adversity comes remarkable growth. That, plus acceptance of special needs as a gift are themes I carried through Dancing From the Shadows.”

Dancing From the Shadows follows successful businesswoman Tori St. John who adopts two children from a third-world orphanage. When Tori’s son Gabe is diagnosed with autism, she becomes obsessed with finding a cure, a fixation that threatens to unravel her family. Tori must learn how to balance a life she can’t control and embrace a different concept of normal.

Renner lives in John’s Creek, Georgia, with her husband Bruce, and teenagers Sophia and Luke. When not busy as a Home Front Manager, Renner delivers humor-dipped truth to groups across the country as a public speaker. She also facilitates her church’s Guatemala Child Sponsorship Program. For more information visit the author’s website at To connect with the author please contact Ambassador International publicist Alison Storm via email at



Hit a Homerun with the World Series Sale

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Gods-LineupIn honor of the 2012 World Series Ambassador International is offering a home run for baseball fans! Autographed copies of God’s Lineup: Testimonies of Major League Baseball Players are just $9, plus shipping is free! You must order the book directly from the publisher to take advantage of this limited time offer. Call toll-free at 1-800-209-8570 by Friday, November 2 to get your autographed copy of God’s Lineup for just $9.

God’s Lineup features the faith stories of two dozen major league ball players. Many are opening up about their Christian walk for the very first time, revealing powerful and inspirational stories. Order your copy today!

Business Parable Offers Leadership Insight Through Captivating Story

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Secret of NexusAuthor and Family Business Operator Jeff Miller Combines Passions for Writing and Leadership in Debut Novel, The Secret of Nexus

For immediate release:  If you want to succeed in business, read more novels. That’s according to research that found reading fiction can improve sensitivity in decision making and relationship building. But The Secret of Nexus (Ambassador International; October 2012; $12.99, paperback) does both: entertains readers with a fascinating story and enlightens them with inspirational leadership lessons. “This leadership parable is unique because of the analogy connected to the story,” says author and entrepreneur Jeff Miller. “Through a suspenseful story I try to renew the reader’s passion to lead, and also reveal the five attributes that help make leaders influential.”

The Secret of Nexus follows Garrett Thompson, a doctor-turned-entrepreneur, as he launches his company Nexus, Inc. Garrett develops a secret product that could change the world, but running a successful business and developing a potentially life-changing product puts his personal strength and leadership abilities to the test. “This book is for leaders who sometimes feel like they have tough circumstances to lead under,” explains Jeff. “In the book, Garrett models what it means to truly make sacrifices for his employees, family and community.”

Author Jeff Miller’s family business has grown from a small business started by his parents in the late 1960s into a successful chain of restaurants, hotels, gift shops and wholesale food distribution. Essenhaus, Inc and Dutchman Hospitality Group, Inc have locations in Indiana, Florida and Ohio. Jeff lives in Indiana with his wife and children. The Secret of Nexus is his debut novel.

To learn more about the author and The Secret of Nexus, visit For interview requests please contact publicist Alison Storm at


The Last Remaining Christians Fight to Survive in New Political Thriller

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the-unreconciledAfter the Christian Holocaust, Islam Rules

For immediate release: In the time it takes to read these paragraphs, another Christian will be killed because of his or her faith in Jesus Christ– 160,000 believers around the world will be slaughtered this year alone. Over the last 20 centuries 70 million Christians have been murdered for their belief in Christ. It’s happening now in countries like Iran, Libya and Egypt, but The Unreconciled (Ambassador International; September 2012; $16.99/paperback) a new suspense-filled political thriller from Eric Young explores the idea of a Christian holocaust on American soil. “The Unreconciled articulates the fears of many. Religious wars are unimaginable to the American mind because we enjoy a safe harbor from religious persecution. But from the Iranian hostage crisis in ‘79 to 9-11 to the assassination of our ambassador in Libya just weeks ago, radical Islamists have been at war with us for four decades. Our attackers do not want our money, our industry, or our land. They want to rob us of our most fundamental liberty—our faith,” says Young. “Can you imagine how dark and pitiless the world without a Christian America would be? I have.”

Set in 2084, The Unreconciled follows Denisa Graceon, an archeologist, as she searches for relics of the extinct Christian faith. While searching in the Appalachian wilderness, she is shocked to discover a few forgotten Christians still exist, “the Unreconciled.” Enamored by them and immersed in their faith, Denisa becomes a believer and falls in love with the sworn guardian of the very relic she was commissioned to steal. When she discovers the all powerful Caliph plans to massacre these last Christ-followers, she launches a desperate gambit to save them.

Author Eric Young graduated Summa Cum Laude from Emory & Henry College, majoring in Political Science with a focus on International Studies and Politics of the Contemporary Middle East. Eric earned his JD from the University of Virginia School of Law in Charlottesville, the setting for much of The Unreconciled. Young lives in rural Virginia with his wife and children.

For more information or to connect with Eric Young please contact Ambassador International publicist Alison Storm via email at You can also learn more at or  



Christian School Movement Must Face Realities, Needs Transformation According to New Book

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A Scent of WaterAuthors Deliver Message of Hope for Christian School Ministry

For immediate release: The Christian school movement currently lacks vision, struggles with enrollment declines and battles budget limitations, according to the authors of a new book that aims to restore hope and vision to the ministry. A Scent of Water: Bringing Life Back to the Christian School Movement (Ambassador International; September 2012; $15.99, paperback) combines scriptural truth with empirical research to provide a roadmap for the Christian school movement for the 21st century.

Authors Edward Earwood and Phil Suiter have combined experience in Christian education of nearly 75 years. “A Scent of Water is designed to take a look at the realities of where we are in the Christian school movement,” says Earwood, Executive Director for the South Carolina Association of Christian Schools. “We address some of the realities and lay out a protocol to infuse hope into our movement.”

Named for Job 14:9, “through the scent of water it will bud” and sprout anew, the authors explain what is needed for growth and improvement. This includes active leadership, vibrant teachers and strong vision that will revitalize and transform the movement. “We believe the Christian school movement is helping the church fulfill the task of taking the gospel to the world,” says Suiter, a pastor, educator and former West Virginia Assistant State Superintendent of Schools. “But we also see room for improvement.”

Author Edward Earwood has served 34 years in Christian education with positions ranging from teacher and athletic director to principal and pastor. After more than two decades in Alabama, he now serves as the executive director of the South Carolina Association of Christian Schools.

Author Phil Suiter taught in the School of Education at Marshall University. After leaving public education in 1980, Suiter has served in a variety of leadership roles within the Christian school movement both at state and national levels.

To learn more about authors Edward Earwood and Phil Suiter visit To receive a review copy of A Scent of Water or to connect with the authors please contact publicist Alison Storm by email at

“Real Faith” is a Believer’s Guide to the Christian Faith

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real faithNew Book Explains What Christians Believe and Why

For immediate release: In the last 20 years the number of adults reading the Bible regularly has dropped to just two in five who read Scripture each week, according to Barna Group research. Relying on popular culture and not the Word of God for life guidance is a major problem within the Church today, according to author John Murray. Real Faith: What’s at the Heart of the Gospel? (Ambassador International; September 2012; $13.99, paperback) is a new guidebook for Christian believers. “Real Faith covers the main issues of the Christian faith,” explains Murray. “The book discusses what we believe, why we believe it and what is expected of us because we believe it.”

Real Faith guides Christians into a deeper understanding of their faith, helping them create a clearer picture of what being a Christian really means, which Murray believes—and research shows—is desperately needed. Another Barna study found:

  • More than 60% of Americans can’t name either the four Gospels of the New Testament or half of the Ten Commandments.
  • Many professing Christians don’t believe that Satan or the Holy Spirit actually exist.
  • Roughly one-third of those polled believe that a good person can earn their salvation.

With clarity and accessibility for all levels of believers, Real Faith is Christianity 101 for students of all ages.

Born and educated in the UK, author John Murray studied at the Birmingham Bible Institute and Central Baptist Seminary in Toronto, Canada. He worked for Christianity Today in London and served as Associate Editor at The Evangelical Christian magazine. Murray also spent more than 20 years as the Executive Director of Eurovangelism Canada, a mission working in Eastern Europe. Real Faith is Murray’s second book.

To learn more about author John Murray visit To receive a review copy of Real Faith or to connect with the author please contact publicist Alison Storm by email at


All Kindle Fiction Now Just $2.99!

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Kindle Sale AdWhat costs less than a latte, a bucket of popcorn at the movie theater or the Sunday edition of the New York Times? All of Ambassador’s fiction for the Kindle! Starting immediately, Ambassador is lowering the price on all Christian fiction for the Kindle. We’re excited to offer our library of Kindle eBooks at the new price of $2.99. We think this is a great value for readers who are looking for inspiring, entertaining and thought-provoking Christian fiction. So go ahead and find a great new book to download for your Kindle now!

A Q&A with Literary Agent Les Stobbe

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Les Stobbe and Author Kashyap Patel

Les Stobbe and Author Kashyap Patel

Les Stobbe is well known and respected in the Christian book publishing industry. Representing bestsellers to first-time authors, Les knows what it takes to select authors, develop platforms and teach writers how to make their work shine.

Ambassador International is thrilled to have had Les present works to them for consideration for several years now, some of which include Dr. Kayshap Patel, From Raindrops to an Ocean, Grace Fabian, Outrageous Grace, and Paulette George, Good Morning Beautiful.

Although we don’t require a literary agent in order for an author to submit a manuscript to Ambassador, we often get questions about the publishing process and the role of a literary agent. So I asked Les to share some some of his expert insight.

Tim: How did you become a literary agent? 
Les: You’ve heard the saying that “When life gives you a lemon, turn it into lemonade.” I had been with Here’s Life Publishers for 11 years, seven as president when we were sold to Thomas Nelson. So when several writer friends approached me at a conference and asked me to represent them, I agreed. I first represented their books with editors at the 1993 CBA Convention—at which I also interviewed for a position as managing editor of the curriculum division of Scripture Press. For 11 years I worked only part-time as literary agent, though I presented a significant list of book projects to editors at every CBA Convention and at other times of the year.

Tim: What are some of the most notable changes in the industry you’ve seen over the years? 
Les: I recently wrote my website’s home page article on this topic. The most notable change is how books are sold and what that has meant for authors. From 1970, when I got into publishing, until the 1990s, we marketed principally to booksellers and bookstore chains. We considered ourselves the marketers. Gradually the number of bookstores declined and more and more books were moved through distributors. The impersonal nature of that process put the major burden of promoting their books on the author, most of whom had no marketing experience. So when their books did not sell, publishers switched to mostly publishing authors with recognizable names nationwide. That left most first book authors out in the cold—and at the mercy of self-publishing entities. The result has been a lot of books unsold in people’s garages. The e-book revolution is changing that—e-books do not clog garages, while POD (Print on Demand) means there is no inventory at the publisher and authors buy only what they are selling.

Tim: How do you find your writers? 
Les: I can honestly say writers are sent to me by God. His instruments may be recommendation by one of my clients or a book editor, a listing of agents, attendance at a Christian writers’ conference, where I interact with writers to help them get published. Occasionally someone stumbles onto my website, God impressed on me that my ministry focus was first book authors, though occasionally a multi-published author is sent to me by God.

Tim: What do you look for in a first-time writer? 
Les: I have to wear the hat of an editor. In fiction I look for first rate writers who have studied the craft and sharpened their skills by taking distance learning courses, attending Christian writers’ conferences, participating in critique groups. The competition is incredibly fierce for the few open fiction slots in all of Christian publishing. In non-fiction I look for uniqueness in idea and approach, though, like editors I look at what the author’s platform is, what she or he does on social media to build a national reputation. Only too often I still get the message, “Not visible enough.”

Tim: How do you know when the manuscript is ready?
Les: Experience. I began evaluating manuscripts for Kenneth N. Taylor of Living Bible fame in 1961 and became editor of Moody Press in 1970. Just like an experienced coach knows when a player is ready for prime time, I can tell in a page or two whether the writing will make it in today’s market. Then I have to factor in whether they have a national platform or are on social media. I use an experienced fiction reader to help me evaluate novels. I love stories and I too easily get immersed in a plot, failing to notice the absence of technical aspects expected from today’s novels.

Tim: What do you love most about your job?
Les: I love helping writers improve their writing and their presentation. That’s why I participate in eight or nine Christian writers conferences each year—and try to help writers improve proposals far oftener than I ought to. It keeps me at my desk when men my age are playing golf or fishing.

Tim: Anything else you’d like to add? 
Les: My greatest satisfaction is seeing writers I helped get started getting book contract after book contract—and honoring Jesus Christ as they do so. Recently a client stumbled onto my name on page 81 of a book by a bestselling author who claimed I taught him to write. I well remember my meetings with him!