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Meet Jennifer Bosma

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Learn more about your favorite Ambassador authors with our “5 Things” series. Jennifer Bosma is the author of the adorable children’s books I Know the Plans and The Baby Garden. Check out Jennifer’s five fast facts below…


  1. I applied to be a contestant for the TV show “Survivor.”
  2. I have walked with lions in Zimbabwe at a lion rehabilitation center.
  3. I swam in a shark cage while observing over twenty sharks swimming around the cage.Jennifer Bosma, I Know the Plans
  4. I have appeared in Andy Grammer’s “Honey I’m Good” Music Video.
  5. I have finished 3 marathons.

Jennifer Bosma has an enthusiasm for life, seeking joy in each day. Knowing the importance of spoken Scripture, she loves sharing God’s Word and His promises for abundant life with children and their parents. Jennifer taught elementary school for twenty-three years, touching the hearts of over five hundred students. Her first published children’s book, The Baby Garden, explains God’s plan for every child, planned or unplanned.

When Jennifer’s children were small, early on, she learned the importance of speaking Scripture to them. There were a few Scriptures that she spoke over them every day. Her goal behind I Know the Plans is to incorporate these powerful Scriptures from the point of view of Jesus as promises to each child. The rhyming text captures the attention of children as the Scripture is introduced. Her prayer is that both parents and children will make these Scriptures a part of their everyday lives as biblical promises for them.

I Know the Plans by Jennifer Bosma

I Know the Plans by Jennifer Bosma

Jennifer currently works in a discipleship ministry for ladies facing an unplanned pregnancy and has a very active blog to mentor young women. She and her husband of thirty-three years love spending time with their three grown daughters, a son-in-law, and two granddaughters. They enjoy traveling and being in the great outdoors, marveling at God’s beautiful creation.

You can find Jennifer on her website, Goodreads, and Bookbub! Learn more about Jennifer and her adorable children’s books here!

#Throwback Thursday: The Wild-Bird Child by Derick Bingham

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As we reminisce on the over forty years that God has blessed Ambassador International to remain in business, we are highlighting a different #backlistbook each week in a series called #ThrowbackThursday.

Today we’re highlighting the book The Wild-Bird Child: A Life of Amy Carmichael by Derick Bingham, first published by Ambassador International in 2004, and re-released with a new cover in 2019.

Amy, a Christian missionary, social reformer and writer of thirty-five books, once described herself as a ‘Wild-bird child and in no wise tame’: her life proved her observation to be hauntingly accurate.Amy Carmichael

For this biography, the first by anyone from her home County, Derick Bingham carefully researched Amy Carmichael’s original letters now placed by the Dohnavur Fellowship and Miss Margaret Wilkinson in the Northern Ireland Public Records Office.

During the time of the Raj in India, Amy Carmichael discovered a custom of the time in which children were ‘married to gods’ and so introduced to a life of prostitution. With a mixture of courage and heartbreak, she began to uncover the facts, sometimes under disguise, for the government. After independence, the Indian government courageously prohibited the practice by law. Against difficult circumstances, Amy and her colleagues provided a safe home for these children against awesomely difficult circumstances at Dohnavur in South India.

Until her death in 1951, she devoted fifty years of her life to rescuing babies and children from dangerous backgrounds in India.

As Bingham tried to uncover the heart and conscience of this extraordinarily self-effacing legend, he is on record as saying that it proved to be one of the greatest spiritual experiences of his life, and in this biography, readers will find spiritual gold. She was brilliant, personable and passionate, and she is arguably the most gifted of all Irish woman writers of Christian literature.

You can add The Wild-Bird Child to your Goodreads HERE and you can learn more and find purchase links HERE. This book is available in paperback, ebook, and audio!

Five Things about J.D. Rempel

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Learn more about your favorite Ambassador authors with our “5 Things” series. J.D. Rempel is the author of the middle grade series, The NorCal Girls, with book two Melanie at Camp Redwoods releasing on April 20th! Check out J.D.’s five fast facts below…

1. I am an Anglophile.J.D. Rempel, author of the NorCal Girls series

2. I have a turtle named Applesauce.

3. I wanted to be an archaeologist when I grew up . . . I still do.

4. I love Christian alternative rock and eighties music.

5. My favorite painting is The Maids of Honor/Las Meninas by Diego Velazquez. I have a copy of the painting in my library.


Melanie at Camp Redwoods by J.D. RempelJ.D’s books in The NorCal Girls series are clean, family-friendly reads that encourage young girls to have a relationship with God and also model positive friendships. Her latest book, Melanie at Camp Redwoods, explores the meaning of friendship through memorable adventures at camp. And more importantly, she weaves  into the story how God pursues a relationship with us to become His children.


You can find J.D. on her website, Goodreads, and Bookbub! Learn more and pre-order J.D.’s newest novel, Melanie at Camp Redwoods, here!

Five Things about J.M. MacLeod of “The Siege of Logon’s Bridge”

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Learn more about your favorite Ambassador authors with our “5 Things” series. J.M. MacLeod is the author of Tolkien-esque fantasy series, The Saga of the Singing Sword Brigade, with book four The Siege of Logon’s Bridge releasing on March 7th! Check out John’s five fast facts below…

J.M. MacLeod, author of Saga of the Singing Sword Brigade seriesBeing at least half-Scottish heritage, I’ve always had a fascination for sword and crossbow stories. The novels of Kidnapped and Rob Roy and Treasure Island often took over my imagination and filled my playtime hours in the mountain woodlands of eastern Pennsylvania as I grew up. The Sunday School and Church my family attended taught us songs like “I’m in the Lord’s Army” and “Onward Christian Soldiers” likening the adventure of soul-winning to fighting against the Devil and his kingdom and rescuing people from a horrible fate.

As a teen, I learned to play guitar, thanks to the Ventures and The Beatles. When I volunteered working with Youth for Christ I met a fellow believer who played keyboard; together we formed The Owl of Light, a Christian folk/rock band, explaining in our testimony that like owls, we were creatures of darkness but came to the light. Actually, we chose the name because we had a big, old stuffed owl that we took along on our gigs.

I met my soul mate, Beverly, in college and married her asap. Immediately after we went from Pennsylvania to Indiana where I had a Summertime ministry/job running a Christian coffeehouse called “The Sign of the Fish” where we tried to introduce counter-culture teens to the Gospel. After returning to PA we were attracted to a local Bible Study group calling themselves “The Move of God” that seemed to take teachings of Scripture to a new level of revelation. Through a series of supernatural events we wound up on one of the Move’s communal farms to await the End Times and the Return of Christ. The revelations and supernatural phenomena soon became weird and quite a few of the leaders of the group became abusive to many of the “non-elite.” We left not only the farm but The Move as well.

We started raising children, four in number, all born in the 1970’s spaced about 2 years apart. I became a commercial school bus driver and did odd jobs during the summer months to support the family. The lay-over hours between bus runs is when I started to write about our journey through deception in The Move and what we learned from that bitter experience. I also was enchanted with Tolkien’s writings, reading The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings several times, enjoying them again and again as if I was visiting old friends. Then I began to wonder if I could ever write a Christian fantasy like C. S. Lewis but following more the genre of Tolkien. Thus began The Saga of the Singing Sword Brigade.

While learning the craft of writing (as I still am) in addition to school bus driving, I worked as a reporter/photographer on two New England newspapers, manager of a school bus company in New England, truck driver in Tennessee and am currently retired but still driving for LYFT— until royalties come rolling in.

Our four children and their spouses have produced for Beverly and I fifteen grandchildren who, in my unbiased opinion, are the smartest, most good-looking, best-natured and obedient children ever born.


You can find John on his website, Goodreads, and Bookbub! Learn more and order John’s newest novel, The Siege of Logon’s Bridge, here!

A Timeless Holiday Classic About the Woman Who Helped Make Thanksgiving a National Holiday

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A delightful children’s book that makes history come alive through rhyme and imagery.

A new holiday classic for the whole family to enjoy about how Thanksgiving came to be. From the historical pen of Jen Tousey comes Sarah Had a Little Plan (Ambassador International; October 19, 2021; $15.99), the story of Sarah Josepha Hale and her decades long mission—that spanned four presidencies—to make Thanksgiving a national holiday.

About the Book: Author Jen Tousey writes, “In the early nineteenth century women did not go to college, there were not many options for a woman who needed a career to survive, and the country was headed toward Civil War. It was a tough time to be a widow with five children.” Sarah Had a Little Plan is equally the tale of a brave woman who used her pen to provide for her children and shape the history and policy of a nation, as it is the story of how a national holiday came to be. For decades, Sarah wrote to four different presidents, trying to convince them that a day of Thanksgiving was worthy of becoming a national holiday. Written in catchy, singsong phrasing, the book teaches children about Sarah’s dedication to the idea of Thanksgiving as a national holiday. With colorful illustrations, historical imagery, and an attention to detail, Jen Tousey creates a holiday classic for families to read and enjoy year and year. Parents and children alike will marvel at Sarah’s decades-long dedication to Thanksgiving and the unity of the United States, and parents might just chuckle at the nineteenth century red-tape that Sarah Josepha Hale faced long ago.

About the Author: Jen Tousey is just as feisty and tenacious as Sarah Josepha Hale. They are both passionate about education for all, American history, patriotic stories, and Thanksgiving! When Jen isn’t researching or writing about something historical, she’s likely touring a somewhat forgotten landmark with her family, parading around a reenactment in a fabulous outfit, or recreating some lost remedy or historic recipe with her daughter.

5 Things About Author Beth Grisham

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Learn more about your favorite Ambassador authors with our “Five Things” series. Author Beth Grisham compiled  inspirational true life stories in  “Seeds of Perspective: Planting Hope and Healing In The Baggage Of Life.”

Beth Grisham is a wife, mother, and non-profit ministry leader.  Beth graduated from the University of North Alabama with a Bachelor of Science in Communications. However, she believes her greatest education came through her role as mother to her six children, now thirteen to twenty-five years old.  After working at home for 17 years Beth became the Executive Director of a non-profit crisis pregnancy center.   She prayed to receive Christ at age eighteen, but it wasn’t until age twenty-six with the loss of her third child that Beth developed a personal relationship with Christ and fell in love with studying His Word.

Her loss was the beginning of a whole new way of life and a totally different perspective regarding things of importance in this world.  It has been said that your greatest ministry will come from your greatest pain, and that has certainly proven itself true in Beth’s life.  She considers motherhood and the raising up of a next generation of Christ followers to be her greatest blessing and her greatest opportunity to make a Kingdom impact on the world.

Here are Beth’s “five things”:

  1. The miscarriage of her third child opened Beth’s eyes to the horrible realities of abortion.
  2. Beth has a desire to become involved in international missions so that she can help women in other countries find ways to support and care for their families.
  3. Beth helped to start a coffee roasting business as a means of raising funds for the non-profit that she oversees, with an even greater goal of seeing that business grow to support centers just like theirs across the U.S. She firmly believes that when we are blessed it is so that we can bless others in return.
  4. Beth and her husband of twenty-eight years have five daughters and one son.
  5. God uses nature to inspire many of His lessons for Beth. She especially loves birds, trees, and butterflies.

Seeds of Perspective by Beth GrishamWhat if your greatest downfall could be redeemed to become your greatest calling? In Beth’s new book Seeds of Perspective: Planting Hope and Healing In The Baggage Of Life, gain a new perspective about old baggage that has kept you from experiencing freedom in Christ and from pursuing the purpose God has for your life.  Let the experiences of others remind you that you are not alone, and that God can use all things for your good and His glory. Learn more HERE.

Merry Christmas in July!

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It’s Christmas in July and it’s our biggest event of the year!

Our annual Facebook event is the perfect way for you to browse our new releases and get to know our authors. You can ask questions, dig in deeper, and add a stack of books to your to-be-read list. We know, we know – that list never stops growing. But we have so many titles and don’t want anyone to miss out!

From exhilarating sci-fi to historical fiction set in the French Revolution, to books on end-time theology, and one person’s struggle with a terminal diagnosis, our books will leave you inspired and draw you closer to Christ.


But first – you have to join the group! Click here for this exclusive opportunity to browse new releases and chat with our award-winning authors!










At Ambassador International, our mission is to provide the Church with Christian books written by Christian authors – published by a Christian publisher. It is no small feat to go against secular media and houses, but we are not called to do easy things. Every time you purchase a book, leave a review or recommend one of our books, you are helping to continue our mission.


We hope to see you soon!




Illumination Awards Bronze Medalists

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Ambassador International is thrilled to announce that Chris Paxon and Rose Spiller won a bronze medal in Theology at the Illumination Awards for their book, No Half-Truths Allowed: Understanding The Complete Gospel Message.

Well done, ladies. We are so excited by this prestigious accomplishment, and more importantly, grateful for the kingdom-work you are doing through your ministry.

If you haven’t already read No Half-Truths Allowed, now is the time to pick up this elucidating, engaging discussion of the Gospel. 

For fans of the book, this comes as no surprise. With its clear theology and the authors’ understanding of the global implications of the Gospel message, No Half-Truths Allowed gives its readers the gift of going back to Sunday School – this time as adults. Gone are the weak, palatable clippings of Scripture, and present is the solid, true meat of the Word. In a time where truth is subjective and words lose their meaning, this book directs people back to the Gospel and the Bible, teaching them to understand and truly know of the Word of God.

For those who want to dig in more, No Half-Truths Allowed also has a study guide, allowing readers to read and study the Bible with this book as a guide. Buy them in a pair here!

As always, Ambassador International thanks our authors and readers for their support. But today, a round of applause for these hard-working authors!


Fire & Life Safety Instructor Releases New Children’s Book in Safety Series

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In the first book in her new children’s series, Fraidy Brady and the First Field Trip, fire and life safety instructor Maria Bostian addresses the fears that many young children might have on their first field trip.

“Most kittens were curious. Most kittens were downright nosey. Most kittens loved to go to new places and do new things. But not Brady! Everything new seemed to make him anxious. He was different. All the kittens knew him as Fraidy Brady,” writes Bostian, focusing on the feelings that many kids have when experiencing the unknown.

Through the eyes of a literal scaredy cat, Bostian walks kids through many possible scenarios that could happen on a field trip. Drawing from her own knowledge as a fire and life safety instructor, Bostian gives tips on how to handle strangers, what to do if you get lost, and how to identify safe adults. She even includes a quick guide at the back of the book to remind children of the “Stranger Safety Tips” she mentions throughout the book.

Parents and children will enjoy reading the light-hearted story together, but it’s also a great opportunity for parents to talk to their children about safety and what to do in scary situations.