In Memory: H. Robert Wilson, Ph.D.

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We are not always made aware of major life events in our authors’ lives, but today we were notified by family that on May 27, 2023, Dr. H. Robert Wilson passed away after a three-week battle with pancreatic and liver cancer. While we know he is rejoicing at having met his Creator he loved so dearly, we also know his family is grieving at their loss here on earth. Please be in prayer for his family as they grieve.

Dr. H. Robert Wilson was trained in biology with a PhD degree in Zoology (parasitology, anatomy and physiology), which he followed with a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Pathology. He had an active research career spanning three decades, much of that time in the pharmaceutical industry involved in the exciting task of finding, evaluating, and testing possible new medications against certain infectious diseases and cancer, which he and his colleagues hoped might ultimately benefit patients.

Though becoming a Christian in 1974, he still accepted evolution as real because “I educationally grew up with it, just accepting it, and never critically questioning whether it actually was real or not. It somehow just was, and as to what Scripture revealed? I believed God created, surely, but—I did not even attempt to reconcile Scripture’s truth with the science I knew at that time. God forgive me.”

Reading a sentence in Lee Strobel’s “The Case for a Creator,” Dr. Wilson found himself stunned, and “the more I looked into what evolution taught in accepted textbooks and standard reference materials, the more I found that it was not the science, not the truth, and not the fact it claimed to be.”

Nullifying GodAs a result, Dr. Wilson authored Nullifying God: Evolution’s End Game, A Scientist’s Challenge, a wonderful apologetic book written for Christians and other readers who are not familiar with science. Dr. Wilson hoped to provide a resource to help Christians be able to clearly see, point-by-point, the outright (and likely unintentional) deception that evolution is in presenting itself as accepted fact and to also understand how its staunch advocates and activists—although certainly not all of evolution supporters—are using evolution to attempt to nullify God in our lives.

Not only did Dr. Wilson provide this resource for Christians, but he was active in the social media sphere {especially on Twitter!} using his brilliant mind and science knowledge to speak the truth regarding Creation.

He will certainly be missed, and his family and friends are in our thoughts and prayers. Please keep them in yours as well.

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