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Professor Reveals His Drift Into Doubt

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Eclipse of FaithAuthor Takes Readers on Exploration of Other Religions and Atheism and Reveals His Unexpected Return to Faith

For immediate release: Big questions about faith and the existence of God terrorized Steve Whigham’s dreams. Not for a night or even a month. For years he quarreled with religion. In his new book Eclipse of Faith: When Doubt Overwhelms Religious Belief (Ambassador International; October 2013; $24.99, hardback) Whigham takes readers through his own unsettling quest for truth. “I see people all around buying lattes and walking their dogs, blissfully content to avoid asking the big questions: Why am I here? What is this life all about? What kind of story am I in- if it’s even a story at all?” states Whigham. “Whether or not Christianity is true or not haunted me. I don’t want to live my life based on a lie and I’m confident most adults don’t want to either.”

When Whigham’s study of Jesus in John’s Gospel failed to hold any resemblance to the sermons and deacons’ actions at his local church, he began to have very sour thoughts. In Eclipse of Faith, Whigham dives into prickly issues of the Christian faith, peppering God with pointed questions. What if the Bible is not completely reliable? Are we basing the Christian faith on the right foundation? Have I accepted Christianity just because I grew up in a Christian home? He pokes around in the worlds of Islam, Mormonism, Buddhism and even atheism, but a very real encounter with God ultimately draws him back to Christianity.

Eclipse of Faith asks difficult questions and equips readers with the ability to stop blindly following Christianity. “My seeking to pull away from God ended up giving me the fortitude to believe in His truth with greater certainty,” explains Whigham. “I hope readers walk away with an even stronger faith in God.”

About the Author: Steve Whigham is a college professor, business consultant, and a former university administrator and lay pastor. Over the past thirty years, Steve has traveled extensively through North America, Europe, and Asia as a university guest lecturer and keynote business speaker. Steve has written one other book: the award-winning, Throw Open the Floodgates. Steve is married to his high school sweetheart, Beth. They have four adult children together.

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New Book Gives Teens “A Map for the Middle”

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Map for the MiddleAuthor covers Timely, practical topics like Popularity, Insecurity and Social Media Pitfalls

for immediate release: Three in five middle schoolers say they have been bullied, according to Pew Research. More than half of teens using the internet say they’ve given out personal info including photos to people they don’t know. Nearly 60 percent of schools require middle schools to teach about pregnancy prevention, according to the School Health Policies and Programs Study. The point is, middle schoolers are forced to deal with some very grown up issues. A Map for the Midle (Ambassador International; October 2013; $8.99, paperback) combines scriptural truth and wisdom for today’s adolescents.

Written by Matthew Sink, a teacher-turned-minister, A Map for the Middle provides a roadmap for success for middle school students covering hot topics like popularity, insecurity and sex. “The decisions students make in middle school are critical in setting the direction for their lives,” explains Sink, a father of three kids between the ages of 10-13. “I wrote this book to offer advice to these young adults about how to navigate the next few years.”

While A Map for the Middle is written for young readers, Sink believes it will be a useful tool for parents who often struggle with communication through the middle school years. “The book features two voices,” explains Sink. “One is mine, as someone who remembers vividly what it’s like to be a teen and who has spent countless hours with them in the classroom. The other voice is God’s, revealed through scripture.” Every chapter of the book includes a short scripture reference and devotion designed to open the lines of communication between parent and child.

About the Author: Matthew Sink taught for 14 years in North Carolina public schools. He’s now a minister at Pinedale Christian Church in Winston-Salem. He lives with his wife and three children, all between the ages of 10-13, in Lexington, North Carolina.

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Secrets and Forbidden Love Surface in New Historical Novel

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No Turning BackAlex and Katy Sail to America for a New Life

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The year is 1898. The first automobile is sold. The United States declares war on Spain. And Alex Meissen, son of a wealthy Austrian bureaucrat, falls in love with the beautiful maid Katy Thannen. No Turning Back (Ambassador International; September 2013; $14.99, paperback) tells their story of forbidden love and their doomed plan to make a new life together in America, an ocean away from their infuriated families.

Raven-haired Katy is determined to venture beyond the alpine fields of her birthplace. Taking a job as a maid for a wealthy family, Katy quickly catches the attention of the family’s only son, Alex. Alex’s father climbed the civil service ranks, developing an intolerance toward the peasant classes. So when Alex falls in love with the maid, his father is appalled.

Forbidden to marry, Alex devises a plan for them to sail to America to begin their life together far from the scornful eyes of their families. But the plan fails and suddenly there is no turning back.

About the Author:  Published in Christian magazines and newspapers, Joanne Wilson Meusburger has developed and marketed a line of greeting cards. She also co-authored Hope for Hurting People (Whitaker House) which has been translated into seven languages. Joanne lives in Charlotte, North Carolina where she and her husband, Bill, enjoy volunteer work and eight of their ten grandchildren.

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Letting Revelation Change the Way You Live

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A Confident PeaceNew Book Uses Revelation to Help Readers Recognize God’s Holiness, Satan’s Deception in Their Lives

For immediate release: When persecuted by ungodly governments, hurt by the sins of others and impacted by disease and death of a fallen world, author and pastor Dr. Mark Becton encourages believers through the words of Revelation, the Bible’s final book. In A Confident Peace: Letting Revelation Change the Way You Live (Ambassador International; October 2013; $17.99, paperback) Becton explains how this book is more than prophetic timelines or tales with apocalyptic images. “Revelation gives us confident peace to recognize Satan’s deceptions, overcome our sinful inclinations and honor God with our lives today,” says Becton.

The book of Revelation contains more than 550 Old Testament references, compared to Matthew with 92 and Hebrews with 102. God uses the book to answer questions like, is the Bible God’s Word? Is Jesus the ultimate authority? Is full surrender to Jesus worth it? Is time short? Through his intense study of this book, Becton relates the lessons of Revelation to the American church and our lives today.

A Confident Peace offers a clear explanation of the second coming and even a crash course in spiritual survival that includes tips for overcoming Satan’s tactics in the end times. “Satan attacks us daily,” explains Becton. “Though he attacks aggressively today, Revelation alludes to the fact that he becomes fiercer in the end times.” A Confident Peace gives us God s big picture. It reminds us the One who started it all wins it all.

About the Author: Dr. Mark Becton has served as senior pastor 30 years for churches in Texas, Oklahoma and Virginia. Dr. Becton holds a Doctor of Philosophy, a Master of Divinity and a Master of Arts in Religious Education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He now leads the historic Grove Avenue Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia, a 140 year old congregation. His messages are televised live each Sunday throughout central Virginia on The Victory Hour, the oldest existing live broadcast of a worship service in the nation.

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Fast-Paced Spiritual Thriller Shares True Story of Survival for Christian Family in Communist Romania

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For immediate release: Imagine living under the constant danger of the Secret Police bursting into your home, and taking you—or someone you love—to prison, never to be seen or heard from again. Imagine watching your country suffer from the brutality of the Communist regime that swept through Eastern Europe in the wake of World War II. That was John Muntean’s reality in Romania. That is what he fought for years to escape. And that is what he fears is coming to America.

A fast-paced spiritual thriller, Willing to Die (Ambassador International; September 2013; $13.99, paperback), reveals the persecution John Muntean and his wife, Stela experienced, uncovering the evil that accompanied Communist ideology to Romania. Through fear, loss, and pain, the amazing power of God’s love provided a way for them not only to survive, but to prosper. And perhaps most importantly, this book shows all readers that many of the things John and Stela suffered to escape from in Romania are now appearing in America. “History appears to be repeating itself as Communist tendencies become more apparent in American politics,” warns Muntean.

Throughout this powerful story of John and Stela’s escape from Romania, both of them kept the simple but absolute faith that God was in control. Co- author Josephine Walker says, “John and Stela’s story shows that even in the most dangerous times God can be trusted. He will even use your enemies to be a blessing and part of His plan and purpose. The most important point however, is that through the telling of John’s story, God has a critical message to America and His people.”

About John Muntean: Born in Romania when it was still the beautiful, vibrant, productive Breadbasket of Europe, John Muntean and his family made a harrowing escape to America in 1982. He and his wife Stela have lived in the same Costa Mesa home since 1985 which they now share with their Dachshund Toby.

About Josephine Walker: Josephine Walker currently lives in Cody, Wyoming, where she enjoys the nature around her and focusing on her writing. To learn more about Josephine Walker, visit her website at

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Tiny Mouse Plays Big Role in the Christmas Story

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The Manger MouseChildren’s Book Shares Tale of a Timid Mouse’s Decision to Serve God

For immediate release: A meek and lowly stable mouse plays an integral part in the Christmas story in Sarah Martin Byrd’s new children’s book, The Manger Mouse. (Ambassador International; August 2013; $16.99, hardcover) This charming story follows Matty the Mouse as he helps prepare the manger for Jesus’ arrival. Working to exhaustion, the tiny mouse takes on the important job of carrying bits of straw to the feeding trough that will soon hold the King of Kings. But as Matty discovers, God’s plan for him doesn’t stop there.

Matty is the only animal in the stable suitable for the task of helping to keep Jesus warm. None of the other animals, including Doris the Donkey, Molly the Cow or Randy the Rabbit, were small enough to slip through the crack at the bottom of the trough. God made Matty the perfect size for this task, showing that God can use anyone who is willing to serve. “I hope The Manger Mouse is welcomed into many homes this holiday season,” says Sarah. “It’s a unique perspective of the greatest story of all time—Christ’s birth.”

Sarah teamed up with her childhood friend on the project, illustrator Debbie Wall. Sarah and Debbie reconnected through their love of reading and children’s books. Originally written for Sarah’s granddaughter Emma as a Christmas gift, The Manger Mouse is their first collaboration.

About the Author: Sarah Martin Byrd is a graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature. She is a published novelist, newspaper columnist and blogger. Sarah loves sharing her life story with children of all ages.

About the Illustrator: Debbie Wall, a member of the Pastel Society of Virginia, is a native of North Carolina and a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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Renowned Cookbook Author Releases New Collection of Authentic Irish Christmas Recipes

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Christmas Flavors of IrelandMargaret Johnson Creates 9th Collection of Irish Recipes

For immediate release: Acclaimed cookbook author Margaret Johnson is back just in time for Christmas with a collection of great new recipes. More than 90 authentic dishes fill the beautiful pages of Christmas Flavors of Ireland: Celebrating the Festive Season (Ambassador International; August 2013; $19.99). It’s Johnson’s tenth cookbook overall and ninth focusing on Irish cuisine.

The book not only celebrates the festive holiday season, but introduces readers to a little piece of Ireland. Christmas Flavors of Ireland “invites readers on a holiday tour of Ireland,” says Johnson, who often visits the Emerald Isle to taste great recipes that are both old and new. Over the course of her travels, Johnson has learned and perfected hundreds of great Irish recipes.

Recipes from all over Ireland are featured in this book—there’s truly something for everyone. In the pages of this collection, readers will be introduced to everything from Spiced Beef Sandwiches to Mincemeat Tarts, from Roast Goose to Apple and Cranberry Crumble. Chef Wade Murphy, named “Best Chef in Munster, 2012,” contributed the foreword to the book.

Johnson is a frequent contributor to Intermezzo Magazine,, and has served as travel editor for House Magazine. She’s shared her love of food and drink at Irish cultural events, food festivals and even on cruise ships. Learn more at and Email publicist Alison Storm at to connect with the author.

New Children’s Book Teaches Young Readers the Importance of Making Choices

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For immediate release: When you’re a kid, sometimes it seems like the world is your oyster. You can chose whatever it is you want to wear, want to go, or want to eat. But sometimes having so many things to choose from can make life pretty hard! In her new book Fickle Fiona (Ambassador International; September 2013; $14.99, hardcover), author Kate Hanscom shows how important it is to be decisive.

This fun story takes readers through a day in the life of Fiona, a little girl who has a hard time making choices—even easy ones! After waking up to go to the park with her brothers, Fiona finds it hard to decide what she should wear. Growing impatient, her brothers decide for her—with unfashionable results! As the day goes on, Fiona finds herself faced with many more choices to be made.

The book also includes a resource page with questions to help children learn about similes. “I really wanted to have a book that can certainly be read as a bedtime story, but can also be used by educators or parents to support teachable elements,” explains Hanscom.

Hanscom is also the author of Literal Lily, which tells the story of a little girl who takes things a bit too factually.  Drawing from her own family members, the characters in both stories come to life to teach kids about the use of language—and to entertain them!

About the Author: Kate Hanscom resides in central Massachusetts with her husband and daughter. With the love and support of her family, Kate decided to fulfill her dream of publishing a children’s book. Self described as loving “bright colors, fancy paper, fresh-smelling candles, writing, music, swimming, making lists, flip-flops, a really good pen, and French vanilla coffee”, Hanscom allows her own personality to shine through in all of the children’s books she has written.

About the Illustrator:  Lynda Hansocm earned a BFA from St. John’s University and an MAT from the Rhode Island School of Design. Working as an art teacher for years, Lynda taught young children and teenagers alike how to express themselves through artistic forms. She continues expressing her passion and talent through book illustrations such as Literal Lily and previous book Tough Tommy. She lives in Northern Connecticut with her husband and credits her daughter, son, daughter-in-law, and grand-daughter as inspiration.

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Fantasy Author Takes Readers on Epic Journey of Self Discovery

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For immediate release: What if you had to lose everything to discover your purpose? That is what Jehan faces in The Red Stones (Ambassador International; August 2013; $14.99, paperback), the first book of the Mantessi Trilogy.

The first book in this epic series is entertaining, riveting and offers an emotional ride that will leave the reader hungry for more. Being compared by readers to books such as The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, The Red Stones is sure to captivate its audience by its enchanting and mysterious world.

The story centers on a young boy named Jehan who is left with nothing after his beloved home, the city of Mantessi, mysteriously disappears. He struggles to find shelter and work in a nearby village as he tries to understand what went wrong. Knowing he must find answers to why his home vanished, he sets out to uncover the truth behind the loss of Mantessi and his family.

Jehan’s journey becomes even more complicated—and difficult—when he realizes he isn’t the only one on a quest to find Mantessi. Not long after, Jehan is immersed into a mystical world that he is struggling to believe exists. Over the course of his journey, he finds himself forced to face a destiny that he didn’t choose—and doesn’t want. Along the way, Jehan is joined by some unlikely companions and learns that his role in this enchanted world is much bigger than he ever could have imagined.

Read The Red Stones to see just where his quest to find his home takes him. The Red Stones is McCarthy’s first work of fiction, but she also wrote Forgiveness is Not an Option, published by Ambassador International in 2012.