Professor Reveals His Drift Into Doubt

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Eclipse of FaithAuthor Takes Readers on Exploration of Other Religions and Atheism and Reveals His Unexpected Return to Faith

For immediate release: Big questions about faith and the existence of God terrorized Steve Whigham’s dreams. Not for a night or even a month. For years he quarreled with religion. In his new book Eclipse of Faith: When Doubt Overwhelms Religious Belief (Ambassador International; October 2013; $24.99, hardback) Whigham takes readers through his own unsettling quest for truth. “I see people all around buying lattes and walking their dogs, blissfully content to avoid asking the big questions: Why am I here? What is this life all about? What kind of story am I in- if it’s even a story at all?” states Whigham. “Whether or not Christianity is true or not haunted me. I don’t want to live my life based on a lie and I’m confident most adults don’t want to either.”

When Whigham’s study of Jesus in John’s Gospel failed to hold any resemblance to the sermons and deacons’ actions at his local church, he began to have very sour thoughts. In Eclipse of Faith, Whigham dives into prickly issues of the Christian faith, peppering God with pointed questions. What if the Bible is not completely reliable? Are we basing the Christian faith on the right foundation? Have I accepted Christianity just because I grew up in a Christian home? He pokes around in the worlds of Islam, Mormonism, Buddhism and even atheism, but a very real encounter with God ultimately draws him back to Christianity.

Eclipse of Faith asks difficult questions and equips readers with the ability to stop blindly following Christianity. “My seeking to pull away from God ended up giving me the fortitude to believe in His truth with greater certainty,” explains Whigham. “I hope readers walk away with an even stronger faith in God.”

About the Author: Steve Whigham is a college professor, business consultant, and a former university administrator and lay pastor. Over the past thirty years, Steve has traveled extensively through North America, Europe, and Asia as a university guest lecturer and keynote business speaker. Steve has written one other book: the award-winning, Throw Open the Floodgates. Steve is married to his high school sweetheart, Beth. They have four adult children together.

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