Book Tells Story of Jesus Through New Perspective

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The Story is Told Through the Eyes of Children

For immediate release: Taking readers back to the ancient city of Galilee Jesus and the Children of Galilee (Ambassador International; May 2015; $9.99, paperback) offers the story of Jesus’ journey through a new perspective. Through the innocent eyes of children, we see Jesus’ works of miracles, but we also see his trials and hardships.

9781620205280As the stranger spreads His wisdom in the town of Galilee, His growing followers soon included Benjamin and Joel, two young boys he meets on the shores of Galilee. They witness the miraculous events that He performs. The man is a healer, and claims to be the Son of God. Benjamin believes this kind rabbi is the city’s new hero, the one they’ve been waiting for, but Joel isn’t so sure. When tragedy strikes, Joel soon learns a valuable lesson that will change his life – and the course of history.

Author Belinda Kramer says it was her own family that inspired this book. “Two years ago while celebrating Easter I watched as my young nephews Wesley and Alexander threw a fishing net off a dock,” recalls Kramer. “Thinking about Jesus’ ministry in Galilee I began to think about the children who must have followed him. We know they did because scripture makes reference to the disciples trying to shoo them away. As we all know Jesus said, “Let them come unto me. Of such is the kingdom of heaven.”

In Jesus and the Children of Galilee readers will gain a new perspective of Jesus through the eyes of children. “Were children important to Jesus? Absolutely. Here was a group that adored him, did not condemn him and would ultimately grow up to lead and tell the story of Jesus from their own personal encounters with Him,” explains Belinda. “Although the characters are fictional the events woven throughout the story are true. This book educates readers about Jesus on a personal but historically accurate level.”


About the Author: Belinda Kramer is a graduate of the University of Florida. She is an educator, journalist, author, and speaker. She is also the mother of a daughter, Lauren, and son, Nathan. She resides in Brandon, Florida with her husband Jack.

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