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Woke Religion: What Christians Need to Read Today

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Hey, Christian! 

Are you searching for books that will challenge and uplift your faith, while discussing the times we are walking through now? Woke Religion may be all that and more!

Inspired by John Harris’s  Social Justice Goes to Church, author Wes Anderson discusses the steps the Church took to where it is today, and the dangerous precedent it has set. In the age of cancel culture, reading books like Woke Religion challenges the secular culture’s narrative, and shines a bright light on the path Christians must take. Incredibly relevant for today, tomorrow, and next year, and a must-read for any Christian looking to be able to defend his beliefs or understand the religion that is Woke.


But – books like this need more than just publishing! They need reading. If you feel discouraged by current events, buy and share this book with your family, friends, and neighbors. Supporting Christian authors and publishers is how we fight against the spirit of the age and helps us deliver great content to your bookshelves!


Hear Wes Anderson discuss his book with Pastor Christopher Arnzen on Iron Sharpens Iron Radio on September 17th at 4 PM ET, or listen to the recording at any time after that! Remember – it’s only a defeat if Christians turn their eyes away from Christ and cease encouraging one another. It is only by your support that Christian media is allowed to continue.


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Fugitive of Faith by David Mathews “What happens  when  preaching Truth becomes illegal?”


John Harris & Social Justice Goes to Church: The New Left in Modern American Evangelicalism.

A New World Order Conquers the United States: A Young Generation Rebels for Freedom

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A world crisis caused an evil new order to rise.

Now only a younger generation can fight against it.

 From the inspiring mind of Christy Dietz comes Serpentine (Ambassador International, July 13, 2021, $15.99), this season’s toe-curling,
dystopian thriller. Esther is an orphan fighting for survival in an America she no longer recognizes, one taken over by an evil new order, the Federation. Esther has nothing to lose but freedom itself, which makes her the unlikely leader
of the resistance that rises to fight back and reclaim what was lost.

About the Book
Esther was a normal girl growing up in the United States until one day the world wasn’t normal anymore. “These moments in time were so fleeting. Had I known
that in the future I’d be holding on to them for dear life.” Now orphaned, she watches as classmates and teachers disappear for speaking out against the Federation.
Esther is haunted by the mistakes of her parents’ past and is forced to make decisions with consequences that ripple out towards all those around her. “Our predecessors failed us, and now we are here, stuck in this apocalyptic hell where people shoot people tied to trees in the middle of the street, and no one does anything about it. Esther soon finds herself on the run from the Federation in an endless quest for truth. In Serpentine, an ordinary girl is transformed into a leader after realizing that it is not enough to passively oppose the Federation or merely run from it. Esther must lead the Resistance—formed by people willing to sacrifice their lives for freedom, God, and an everlasting hope—and fight against the Serpentine of the Federation and all it represents. Serpentine uses a post-apocalyptic universe to teach an age-old truth: “Mankind is the only one to blame for where we are; the original sin at its fruition.”

About the Author:

Serpentine is Christy’s debut novel, but she has been writing since she picked up her first crayon. One of four daughters, she spent her childhood years dreaming of becoming Jo from Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her wrestling her two young sons and drinking very large cups of coffee!

To connect with the author or request a review copy of Serpentine, please contact
publicity director Susanna Maurer at

Christy Dietz
Author of Serpentine
Connect with the Author

This Summer’s Hottest Political Thriller: A High School Teacher Wins the Lottery and Runs for President

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One man wins the lottery and risks his family – for the presidency. 

 From the pen of Dave Milbrandt comes Fool’s Luck (Ambassador International, July 13, 2021, $16.99), a tale of the everyman thrust into the political spotlight by one lucky draw. When a high school government teacher wins the lottery (literally) he does the unthinkable: he runs for president. But in Myles Bradford’s bid for the most powerful office in the land, he begins to lose all that is precious to him. Fool’s Luck begs the question: what price is too high to pay?

About the Book: Myles Bradford is an ordinary man, teaching high school government in sunny Southern California. A stroke of uncanny luck leads him to purchase a winning lottery ticket. A stroke of genius, or what many might call delusion, then inspires him to fund his own campaign
in a bid for the presidency of the United States. While Bradford is enthusiastic about his unlikely run for the presidency, his family at home cautions him against such a bold endeavor. In an uncanny twist of events, a leading candidate for a major party drops out, allowing Bradford’s campaign to become more than just a fringe vote. As the campaign intensifies, Bradford is caught between the undercurrents of political mud-flinging and rumors and his life at home, where his son continued to battle a deadly illness. When the unthinkable happens and his family is torn apart, Myles is left wondering if his quest was truly good luck
or Fool’s Luck. “What they see on the outside is all glitz and glamour, but, like false facades of the Gilded Age, the golden exterior hides a much less attractive interior. I see myself, in a moment of desperate honesty, unleashing the roiling cauldron gurgling inside of me.”

About the Author:

Dave Milbrandt fell in love with writing in junior high and has been a storyteller ever since. A former reporter and Southern California native, he spent five years in journalism and public relations before becoming a teacher. He has taught government classes to high school, community college, and university students since 2011 and gained on-the-ground experience by working on several political campaigns. He and his wife have been married since 1997. Dave is the author of the Jim Mitchell trilogy (Chasing Deception, 2013; Undue Pressure, 2016; and Running, 2018) and also has written High School Declassified: An Insider’s Guide to Helping Your Student Succeed (2016).

To connect with the author or request a review copy of Fool’s Luck, please contact publicity director Susanna Maurer at
Release Date: July 13, 2021.

Book signings: July 10, {time TBD} Downtown Glendora. July 24, 11 AM – 2 PM at Butter in San Dimas.

Connect with the Author

News Release: Pastor Flees Arrest

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For immediate release: From the creative pen of David Mathews comes a gritty, action-packed
suspense novel, begging the impossible question: what if freedom of speech is lost in
the United States? Fugitive of Faith (Ambassador International, July 27, 2021, $16.99) upsets
the comfortable stasis that so many American Christians find themselves in and creates a suspenseful universe in which the state tries to dictate what pastors can and cannot preach. Fugitive of Faith proclaims the tale of what happens when truth becomes illegal and Bible-teaching Christians must run for their freedom or risk imprisonment.

About the Book
Pastor Pete Holloway is an ordinary Bible-believing pastor, Iraqi war vet, husband, and father in San Francisco, California. His world is upended when he is called to the local police precinct to answer to charges of disseminating hate speech per the Hate Speech Reparation and Elimination Act recently voted into law by the state of California. Pastor Pete soon realizes that he must make a choice: remain home and be arrested or abandon his family and church and begin the life of a fugitive, searching for freedom. He chooses the latter, and the man of God becomes the man on the run. Fugitive of Faith is far more than a dystopian “what if ” novel. It is an insightful, necessary soul search of the ordinary American Christian. As Holloway searches out legal recourse to help him regain his freedom, he begins to realize the dark layers of his own sins. “Even if we think we can only do a little, we don’t have the option of doing nothing.” Fugitive of Faith reminds its readers how precious freedom is; how rare truth is; and that each human being, no matter how outwardly righteous, hides his own sin deep within his heart. This thrilling novel challenges the preconceptions many hold dear, while taking its readers on a wild foray through California’s legal system. Christians around the world will be challenged and molded by this political thriller set in the infamous state of California.

About the Author

David Mathews was born in the small town of Friend, Nebraska, a community of 1100
people once listed in Ripley’s Believe It or Not for having the world’s smallest police
station—a tiny tool shed previously used by highway construction crews. He grew up
in small towns in Kansas and Indiana before settling in Indianapolis after college. David
describes himself as a “big dreamer with an over-active imagination.” Now living in
Ohio, David and his wife, Donna, have six children between them, along with a son-in-
law, daughter-in-law, three grandchildren, and two Boston terriers. He enjoys home
remodeling, woodworking, bicycling, camping, and loves being a grandfather. David also
never grows tired of watching Andy Griffith reruns.
To connect with the author or request a review copy of Fugitive of Faith, please contact
publicity director Susanna Maurer at


Fugitive of Faith News Release 

What’s in A Name – A Devotional

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What’s in a Name?

By Ellie Gustafson

Of the people I’ve known, one of my favorite names is Signhild Hannah Victoria Gustafson. Hyphenated and the ‘N’ repositioned, Sig-nhild morphs to “Sing-hild.” And yes, the name does sing.  Signhild was an eccentric—one of my husband’s aunts—a maiden lady whose fiancé was killed in World War I. The Gustafsons were of strong, Swedish stock—educated and expected to BE someone. Aunt Sing taught languages at Classical High School in Springfield, MA—fluent in five languages and conversant in three others. She traveled to Sweden multiple times—by ship. An interesting lady, though my mother-in-law got quite testy when Sing came for a visit. She was a talker and rambled from one thought to another with nary a breath in between. I enjoyed her, and when she died, I inherited her banded ring with its four diamonds.

My children all went to Wheaton College in Illinois, a long drive from Massachusetts. On one trip with a car full of multiple students, we broke down near Buffalo. The only repair place could not do the job that night; morning would have to suffice. Where to stay? With no spare cash, we opted to knock on the parsonage door of a nearby church. “Please, sir, could we bed down in your church?” He sized us up, and on hearing the name Gustafson, said he’d had a language teacher named Gustafson, back in Springfield, Massachusetts. Aunt Sing got us free space in the church, that night!

I have gone by assorted names: Eleanor Kathleen Emmans, Eeekie (EKE), El, and finally, Ellie Gustafson. These names express different but much-valued aspects of my life. They speak of who I was, who I am, but not who I will be. That will depend on an entirely different venue.

Revelation 2 talks about this: “Let everyone who can hear, listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches: Everyone who is victorious shall eat of the hidden manna, the secret nourishment from heaven; and I will give to each a white stone, and on the stone will be engraved a new name that no one else knows except the one receiving it.” I love stones and have a few white ones that I cherish, but I can’t wait to see the one Jesus will choose—with MY NAME written on it. It will express the concept He implanted when He first knit me together. That name will be even grander than Signhild Hannah Victoria Gustafson and more comfortable than Eeekie, for sure. I want it to declare my love of and passion for praising and worshiping my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

“Therefore, God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name,   that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth,   and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” (Philippians 2:9-11)


Discover more about Eleanor Gustafson and her sixth novel, An Unpresentable Glory today!


More Than Great Books!

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Want more of Ambassador International books and a sneak peek into the people writing these great books? We have something for you! Follow Ambassador International on Facebook or YouTube for interviews with our authors by our very own publicity director, Susanna Maurer.

In episode one, learn what caused a children’s Sunday school teacher to deeply research her faith and discover the spirit and heart behind The Other Three Sixteens. In episode two, learn what homeschool curriculum shaped and molded a young girl into the brilliant author of The Journey and The Village.

Give us a like or a share to spread our authors’ stories and our message around the world!

In thirty-minute increments, these author interviews are the perfect podcast-sized entertainment for an evening at home. You may even discover a new book or two to add to your list. Leave us a comment in the comment section to let us know what you loved about that episode, questions you might have for that author, or authors you’d like to see featured. We appreciate your feedback!

Ambassador International publishes a wide array of genres and authors, allowing everyone to find the perfect book. But we hope you won’t just stop at one!

The Best is Yet to Come . . .

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When I agreed to write a 2020 December devotional around this time last year, I assumed I’d be writing about the Incarnation, the holy God of the universe condescending to His creation, putting all His might and majesty in the frail form of an infant child. Sitting down to write this, I still considered talking about that, but when I looked back at the past year and just how difficult it has been for so many people, I felt compelled to offer some words of comfort and encouragement instead.
Solitary ManIt’s easy to look at a globally decimating pandemic and wonder just where God is in the middle of it all. Millions around the world have died, many millions more have lost jobs and/or businesses, hospitals and food banks are overrun, and our politicians have proven themselves to be mostly useless idiots grabbing for power in any way they can. Why would God allow or ordain such a potent cocktail of tragedy, devastation, and incompetence?
Unfortunately, I do not have complete and utter insight into the mind of God, so I don’t have specific answers to that question. However, God has revealed enough about Himself in Scripture to help us understand that nothing happens without purpose. And what is that ultimate purpose? It’s that God will be glorified.
Everything God does is for His own glory. Creation happened so God could display His glory (Psalm 19:1). Humanity was created for His glory (Isaiah 43:7). Isaiah 43:25 shows us that a redemptive plan was offered to show His glory (notice the phrase for my own sake). Jesus went willingly to the cross not only to save us, but to glorify His father (John 17:1). And at the end of all things, God’s glory will shine so brightly, we will have no need of the sun or the moon (Revelation 21:23).
To understand just how passionate God feels about His glory, I give you Isaiah 48:9-11: “For my name’s sake I defer my anger, for the sake of my praise I restrain it for you, that I may not cut you off. Behold, I have refined you, but not as silver; I have tried you in the furnace of affliction. For my own sake, for my own sake, I do it, for how should my name be profaned? My glory I will not give to another.
If your first inclination is to think that God’s words are narcissistic, then shame on you for conflating the holy and perfect Creator with sinful, depraved humanity. Why does God get all the glory? Because He deserves it. He deserves it because of who He is. Who is He? He is the God who temporarily withholds His just wrath over sin, opting to offer compassion, mercy, and grace to rebels who come into this world hating Him. As Isaiah noted, sometimes He tries His children in “the furnace of affliction,” but His love for us never wavers as He puts us through that purifying process of sanctification. This is why Christians have hope, even in the middle of tragedy and chaos beyond our control: because absolutely nothing is beyond God’s control. Even the difficult times are Eric Landfriedengineered by Him to reveal His glory to us. He has His hand on the wheel, guiding us expertly through this storm, and regardless of what happens He is ultimately all we need. The apostle Paul said it perfectly in Romans 8:18: “For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing to the glory that is to be revealed to us.”
Hmm, I wonder what glory he’s talking about? Hang in there, Christians. The best is yet to come.

Discover more about Eric and his exciting fiction book Solitary Man.


Meet Susanna Maurer

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Susanna “Susie” Maurer is Ambassador International’s newest team member, as Publicity Director. Susie has a BA in English & Creative Writing and a penchant for adventure. When she is not toting her children around Europe, she is trying to find her keys. Susie believes in the power of forming strong relationships in her work, and that has carried and propelled her through a variety of customer service, communication, and management roles. The most important relationships in Susie’s life are her relationship with Jesus, her relationship with her husband and children, and her relationship with coffee.

Of these items below, let us know which five you think are true about Susie and which one is not true!

…Met her husband when they were both seven years old.

…Likes to make at least one new friend in every new country.

…Loves cooking, especially French cuisine.

…Cannot drive stick shift, despite living in the UK for three years.

…Loves peppermint ice cream, Americanos, and quality pillows.

…Has a fear of parking in public, but loves speaking in public.


For all inquiries, Susie can be reached at

“Fate of the Watchman” Cover Reveal Scavenger Hunt and Giveaway

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Join the scavenger hunt to see the full cover of Chad Pettit’s Fate of the Watchman and also look for clues to win a $10 Barnes and Noble egiftcard and a free digital pre-release ebook of Fate of the Watchman!

Welcome to the Fate of the Watchman Cover Reveal Scavenger Hunt! You have arrived at stop #8.

Please take time to carefully read the details below and follow the clues to the next stop.
The hunt began August 30, 2018, at Reading is My Superpower and ends on September 7, 2018, at 11:59pm EST at Chad Pettit’s site where he’ll reveal the full cover for his book! There will be 9 stops on this scavenger hunt, and you will find a CLUE IN RED at each stop. Write them down as you go. At the end of the hunt, you will unscramble and enter the clues into the giveaway entry form.

Chad Pettit

Who is Chad?

Chad Pettit grew up in Oregon with books and the mountains to help his imagination grow. After high school, he spent ten years in the Army, travelling and deploying all over the world, including two combat tours in Iraq. After the military, Chad earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Texas A&M University-Central Texas, and then he started teaching English at an early college high school in central Texas. Chad currently serves in a local church as a deacon and the Sunday school superintendent.

What is Fate of the Watchman?

Lester Sharp is a workaholic, obsessed with the success of his business and oblivious to the world around him. All of that changes when a peculiar stranger comes into his shop asking for food and help. Lester soon finds himself on an impossible journey around the world to bear witness to some of the greatest tragedies a person can know, all frozen in a single moment of time. In this challenging and gripping novel, debut author Chad Pettit, delivers a supernatural, pulse-pounding adventure in which Lester Sharp is in for the longest second of his life and learns lessons to last a lifetime.

Fate of the Watchman is a novella that releases on October 1, 2018, and will be followed by Chad’s second full-length novel Fate of the Redeemed {release date TBD}.

What’s next?

Below is the cover teaser!

Fate of the Watchman

Follow Chad for more updates on his novels! Details below:
For more information about
Chad Pettit & Fate of the Watchman
please visit:
Instagram: @chad_pettit_


Thanks so much for stopping by our site and participating in the Fate of the Watchman Cover Reveal Scavenger Hunt and Giveaway. Before you move on to Stop #9 to pick up your next clue, be sure to write down this clue: to

See you at the end and happy hunting!

If you missed the beginning and need to go back, you can find the links below:

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“Fate of the Watchman” Scavenger Hunt Cover Reveal Giveaway