New Binge-Worthy Series for Middle Graders Available Just in Time for Christmas!

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Recognizing a lack of available Christian middle grade fiction, Bertha Schwartz endeavored to fill that void with her new series, available on December 1, 2018. In The Searchers series (Daisy’s Search for Freedom, Kelly’s Search for Family, Sarah’s Search for Treasure) Schwartz has written three historical adventure novels that follow the lives of three different girls as they seek freedom, family, and treasure, and discover the voice of God directing their paths.

The Searchers

In Daisy’s Search for Freedom, Schwartz carefully spins the tale of a slave girl who is searching for the Underground Railroad with nothing but her faith in God to lead her. Author Katie Cruice Smith says, “The first book in The Searchers series does an excellent job of making history come alive through the eyes of someone my own child’s age. Schwartz does not shy away from uncomfortable topics but does an excellent job at depicting history in a way that is age-appropriate and faith-based. This series is a great way to ignite a love for history in our children while showing them how God has always been and will always be at work in our lives.”

Kelly’s Search for Family follows the life of Kelly as her papa goes missing and she is left to tend to the lighthouse—her papa’s job. This second book of the series will keep young readers turning pages to find out what happens next to Kelly in the aftermath of the Civil War and slavery.

Sarah’s Search for Treasure is a heartwarming and adventurous tale following spunky Sarah as her father goes in search of gold in the Californian gold rush. Young readers will be entertained by the resilience of Sarah and her whole family as they learn to fend for themselves in a new and changing world.

Each book in The Searchers series is a standalone and contains thought-provoking discussion questions to spark conversations with young readers and their peers, teachers, parents, guardians, etc.

The Searchers series is available December 1 where books are sold.