‘Twas the Week Before Christmas Sale: Day 6

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December 25 is right around the corner and we’re releasing a new deal every day leading up to Christmas. It’s a progressive sale that just keeps getting bigger and bigger! Each day we’re adding a new Christian novel to the list of deals. That means the closer we get to Christmas, the bigger the bargain! Today we’re adding Cynthia Goyang’s novel Just One Touch! BUY NOW!


Did you miss one of the previous days of our sale? Don’t worry because these incredible deals are still available:

Day 1:  The 20th Christmas by Andrea Rodgers.

Day 2: From Dishes to Snow by Kathy M. Howard.

Day 3: To Comfort a King by Debbie Gilliland.

Day 4: The River Keeper by Sarah Martin Byrd.

Day 5: Crossing Values by Carrie Daws.

Stay tuned because we’ll reveal our last incredible deal tomorrow!