#Throwback Thursday: What Good is Jesus?

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As we reminisce on the over forty years that God has blessed Ambassador International to remain in business, we are highlighting a different #backlistbook each week in a series called #ThrowbackThursday.

When children are sold into slavery—what good is Jesus? When wretched disease takes a loved one’s life—what good is Jesus? When marriages crumble and jobs disappoint—what good is Jesus? When I don’t agree with someone’s lifestyle—what good is Jesus?

Marv Nelson tackled these questions (and more!) in his book What Good is Jesus? published by Ambassador International on March 8, 2016.

Marv Nelson has been an Alliance pastor for over seventeen years and serves as an adjunct professor at Crown College. He has a Masters of Divinity degree and is currently working toward his doctorate. Marv has written several books, including The Anchored Life: Nautical Principles that Help Believers Grow and Unleash: Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders.

If you’re not living with your head under a rock, you’ve probably looked around and observed that many people seem to know of Jesus, but few actually know Him. The real entity of Jesus has been tainted by how His followers have portrayed His image in their lives. The institution of religion has overtaken the beauty of relationship, and many Christians are walking away with a bitter taste. Deconstruction, anyone?

Faced with declining opportunities, a war-torn globe, and seemingly-insurmountable crises, many millennials are asking the sincere question: what good is Jesus? Pastor Marv Nelson doesn’t avoid tough questions; instead, he tackles issues head-on with love and wisdom. Examining sexuality, politics, racial tensions, suffering, and more, Nelson addresses these problems through a relational rather than religious approach and shows us just what good Jesus really is.


You can add What Good is Jesus?  to your Goodreads HERE and you can learn more and find purchase links HERE. This book is currently available in paperback and ebook.


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