The Mother’s Day Booklist We Can’t Forget

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It’s almost Mother’s Day!

That day of the year that we celebrate the women who birth us, raise us, and read to us.

In honor of mothers, we’re highlighting a few (of the many) great books that we have – written by mothers.

The Longest Goodbye

What happens when your mother no longer remembers you? When her body remains but her mind bids you the longest goodbye? Shelly Calgano goes into that and more in her book, The Longest Goodbye.

What Now? Finding Renewed Hope in Christ After Loss

Kaitlyn Odom Fielder became a mother long after she had lost her own mother…and father…and siblings. Her story of waking up in a hospital bed orphaned and without her beloved siblings and the life she lead after that tugs at every heartstring. What Now? is available now, and is sure to move your heart.

Help! I’m a Foster Parent

Written for anyone who loves foster kids or their parents, and shows the real-life, on-the-ground experiences of families who operate in the foster care system.

Help! I’m a Foster Parent is a must-read for everyone. But again – we encourage you to bring tissues.

Waiting is the Night

What do mothers do at night? Wait. Pray. Wonder.

Waiting is the Night is written for anyone who has stared at the darkness and waited for light to break. But for mothers, this title speaks to their very fiber of being. This is the book for the tired, weary mother. For the mother who desperately needs encouragement. For the mother who does not sleep at night, but waits.

This Mother’s Day, give the mothers in your life the gift of a book that speaks to her.