Grad Gifts for The Class of 2022

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Congratulations to the class of 2022!


Student Loans, Mental Health, and Relationships.

At Ambassador International, we know that GREAT books form GREAT adults, and we would like to welcome the class of 2022 into the club!

Life’s About Relationships and we would know – one of our authors wrote the book about it! Pastor Don Woodard’s book takes the basic struggle of every human and puts into perspective, helping new grads solve relationship problems from the get-go. A must-read for every graduate – high school on up!

The need for money (and student loans) means  The Love of Money is the perfect gift for the new grad looking to balance student loans, saving for a mortgage, and investing! Give the new grads in your life the gift of financial responsibility.

Imagine Not As Much gives new grads a healthy perspective on nutrition and bodies – ever so necessary for adult life!


What to Do After Graduation?


There’s nothing like Obstacles to knock over a new grad, but what if there’s a success story in there? Readers of all ages will find themselves entertained and encouraged by this story of athletic feats that is NOT about football.

For the Display of His Splendor meets this generation where they are in anxieties and mental health struggles, reminding everyone to look upward to the One who formed them. This book is an absolute for new grads in 2022.

The Divine Deal: Life Lessons on Preparing for Adulthood answers the questions every new grad has and shows them just where so many of the answers to adulting lie. The Divine Deal is the adulting manual every 2022 grad should read!


Biblical Grace Today!


The Other 3:16s takes the Bible’s most famous passage and reminds its readers of the other 3:16s. Perfect for the new grad with new study times on his/her hands and a hunger to learn more.

There’s not a blueprint for life after graduation, but there is The Bible Blueprint. Join Rose Spiller and Chris Paxson as they study the Bible like the blueprint it is – readers will want to leave their thinking caps on for this book.

And finally – The Life She Once Knew is the incredible, true-life story of a high school graduate who survived a brutal attack, but was changed forever. Graduates of all ages will be inspired and shaped by Queena’s story and the faith her family displays.


To Our 2022 Graduates:

We are so proud of you. We pray and hope that you shape the world with your dedication, knowledge, and absolute love for Jesus Christ our Savior. Takes these books and walk in faith.

~Ambassador International