Cozy, Winter Reads!

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Book that belong on your bookshelf and your February reading list!


We’ve all heard of a runaway bride, but what about a kidnapped bride? Love’s Lost Star combines romance suspense and intrigue in a rosy-wrapped packageThe perfect Valentine’s Day month read for the novel-lover! The author, Caitlin M. Smith, is also featured on Suspense Sisters.

Cece Burbin thought she knew what love was: people using and
discarding you. “Beauty doesn’t make someone love you. What did it have to do with real
life? It was a lie—the master tool of manipulation. It tricked women into an illusion of safety
and secured their loyalty while the man did whatever he pleased. Soon, the woman hated
the man, and everything fell apart.” Love, to Cece, was a fleeting mirage.



The world is searching for answers right now, and sometimes finding answers that us away from the omniscience of GodGenesis of Original Intent takes Christians back to the beginning and God’s plan for humanity.

Genesis of Original Intent encourages Christians to align themselves with God’s Word and His plan for their lives, while reminding the individual of how we all play a part in the greater Body of Christ. “It was always about relationship; it was never about religious icons or empty rituals, or even about belonging to a religious organization. It is not about lighting candles or wearing crosses as jewelry. It is about belonging to a Person—the Person of Jesus Christ.



The Great Comission leaves some Christians terrified  – afraid of social discrimination or censure. The Ministry of The Unveiled Face lifts the veil from the Christian’s calling and presents it in understandable terminology.

The Ministry of the Unveiled Face grounds believers in the simple act of sharing Christ every single day. The meekness of the calling lies in the Christian being responsive and obedient to God’s prompting as he interacts with others.


In an era of aching hearts and minds, when all hope feels lost, there are books to draw us closer to God. For The Display of His Splendor is a book for such a time as this.

Professor Amilliah Kenya wrote For the Display of His Splendor for the generation that struggles with anxiety, depression, and emotional exhaustion. Christians are struggling in this world. Fear, anxiety, depression, and emotional trauma grip even the strongest souls. It’s easy to wonder where God is, and why He placed people in this world during this time.



In times of suffering and hardships, Christians look to heroes of the faith in reverence. But in reality, they were just humans, flawed as we are. David: The Godly Heart of A Sinful Man  dives into the mystery of King David, the man after God’s own heart, yet famous for his sins. Christians everywhere will be challenged and convicted by this account.


Science Fiction is a popular genre of entertainment, but Christians need to use discernment when engaging in it. Enter Conflicted Man, a sci fi adventure about a man on quest for the truth; he ends up finding the one, true Truth along the way. Christians looking for an entertaining, convicting read will find this book checks the boxes for them!



Looking for a pastor’s quiet reflection about his days of ministry in rural Alaska? Northern Roads is all that and more. The perfect winter reading book for your bookshelf.

Whatever books you are looking for, and in whatever format, Ambassasdor International has the books for you! Our hope and prayer this month is that you experience the love of Christ and read GREAT books that point your heart towards him.